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Woman Lost 60 Pounds After Adopting These Simple Changes

Here is everything she eats in a day to lose weight.

"What I Eat in a Day" videos regularly go viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Why? People love to know what others are eating and drinking to look the way they do. Christen, a TikToker with over 223,000 followers, recently shared a video of everything she eats in a day, claiming that it helped her lose a whopping 60 pounds. 

Christen Lost 60 Pounds by Changing Her Diet

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"What I eat in a day over 60 pounds down," said Christen, going on to list the foods that continue helping her achieve her weight loss goals. Her video, under the TokTok handle @christennnnn, has amassed over 72,000 views. 

She Claims That She Used to Weigh Over 200 Pounds


She claims that in September 2022, she topped the scales at over 200 pounds, sharing a photo of what she looked like before. 

She Starts with Oatmeal and Eggs


Her first meal of the day? A breakfast that includes sugar-free French vanilla oatmeal, half a cup of egg whites, and one scrambled egg.

She Drinks a Protein-Coffee Shake


Four hours later, she drinks one cup of Starbucks medium roast iced coffee. She mixes it with a chocolate Premier Protein shake, offering caffeine and protein. 

She Has a Chicken Taco for Lunch


For lunch, she enjoys taco with four ounces of chicken, tomatoes, half of an avocado, and lettuce, which she wraps up in a small carb-balanced tortilla.

She Adds a Side of Veggies


She also gets her veggies in. As a side, she eats two cups of Tuscan vegetable mix composed of carrots, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. 

She Snacks on Almonds and Clementines


A few hours later, it is snack time. She gets some good fats in with the help of 28 grams of almonds and the sweet treat of two Cutie brand clementines.

She Has a Burger Patty and Salad for Dinner


For dinner, she makes a salad with two cups of lettuce, four ounces of a lean beef burger, tomato, half an avocado, and two tablespoons of Buffalo sauce. 

She Suggests Talking to a Professional


"This is what works for me & may not work for everyone," she added in the comments. "If you're wanting to get serious about your weight loss I recommend talking to a professional."

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Here Is Her Favorite Smoothie


In another recent TikTok, she revealed the recipe for her "favorite protein smoothie," a blend of non-fat Chobani yogurt, chocolate protein powder, Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk, iced coffee, and frozen banana. 

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