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Woman Lost 120 Pounds Naturally by Eating These 3 Ingredients Every Day

She claims that a single meal helped her lose her body weight and then some. 

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, as everyone wants to know the secret to dropping weight fast. People are willing to spend endless amounts of money on fitness classes, miracle medications, teas and drinks that claim to speed up metabolism, and pre-made food delivery services that make healthy eating easier. However, one woman claims you don't have to spend a fortune to lose weight. In fact, she revealed a frugal three ingredient meal that helped her drop 120 pounds the natural way. 

Meredith Hutson Is a Weight Loss Influencer


Meredith Hutson, 28, is a TikTok influencer with nearly 673,000 followers. She mostly vlogs about going from 256 pounds to 136 pounds in two years. 

She Lost 120 Pounds in Two Years

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Hutson, who uses the handle @_getfitwithmer, reveals that her weight loss journey started shortly after getting engaged in August 2019. She struggled to find a wedding gown that fit her, so she decided to lose weight. 

She Lost 50 Pounds Before Her Wedding


She ended up losing a whopping 50 pounds in time for her November 2020 wedding – in just 15 months. 

She Lost Another 70 by Counting Macros and Calories


After her wedding she lost another 70 pounds. She claims she did it by tracking her macros and calories and also weight and strength training. 

Her Followers Often Ask About What She Eats


In a recent video she revealed that people are obsessed with knowing about her diet. "Meredith, what did you eat to lose 120 pounds? What was it that you were eating?" they ask her. 

She Eats Ground Beef


"Listen, would you eat what I would eat?" she responded. "Because right now I'm eating ground beef."

Her Go-To Meal: Ground Beef, Black Beans, and Cheese


She detailed the meal in her bowl: Eight ounces of ground beef, one-half can of black beans, and some shredded cheese. She added that she consumes the high protein meal on a daily basis. 

She Has "Eaten This Every Single Day" for Two Weeks


She wasn't quite as confident that her followers would be fans. "Would you eat that?" she asked. "Like I'm actually really curious. "Not only am I eating this, but I've eaten this every single day for like a good solid two weeks. I like it, but it isn't extravagant by any means."

The Video Has Gone Viral


The video has gone seriously viral with more than 1.8 million times and 3,500 comments. "Yes, I eat it every week because I love it. Not even to [lose] weight. It's just good," one commented. 

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Her Followers Said They Would Eat It

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"I would! But I have a family to cook for and they would be like girl… what is this," another joked. "This is exactly what I tell ppl (people). I eat boring and the same things over and over so don't ask me lol," someone else wrote. 

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