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Woman Abducted, Blindfolded, and Taken to Unknown Location in "The Most Controversial Proposal Ever"

A man proposed to his girlfriend by staging a fake kidnapping.

There are countless romantic ways to surprise your partner when popping the big question, and staging a fake kidnapping usually isn't on that list. However, one Australian man shocked his girlfriend by doing just that. Adam Rizk pretended to have his future wife, Vanessa Moujalli, kidnapped on vacation in Lebanon. His sister captured the elaborate scheme on video and posted it to TikTok with the caption, "The most controversial proposal ever," prompting viewers to express their disbelief. Keep reading to learn more about the carefully planned ambush, social media reaction and to watch the video.

The Fake Kidnappers Rushed Moujalli's Car


The footage from the short video begins in a car where Moujalli is seen in the backseat holding a coffee cup. She looks out the window and sees a masked man with another person rushing up to the car window. They open the car doors and try to pull the passengers out as they scream. "No, please!" a distressed Ms. Moujalli can be heard screaming.

"I'll Give You Whatever You Want"


Once the fake kidnappers rip everyone out of the car, they're seen standing next to their black Mercedes, screaming and begging for their life. Moujalli yells, "I'm not going with them! I told them I'll give them whatever they want!"

Moujalli is Forced Into Another Vehicle


Chaos ensues as a terrified Moujalli refuses to go anywhere with the so-called abductors. She finally screams, "I'm coming, I'm coming! Let's go." She's then forced into an SUV, but the two people she was with got back into the Mercedes. "She's going to lose it," a male friend said as the driver was heard whispering, 'I'm sorry!"

Moujalli is Blindfolded


Moujalli is next seen in the back of the SUV, blindfolded, and taken to an unknown location. She is visibly shaken and crying as she's being led down a dirt and gravel path. She screams, 'What's happening?"

The Proposal


As the blindfold is removed, friends are heard laughing, and her boyfriend stands in front of her with a large boutique of flowers. She cries and turns around and sees friends standing near her. She covers her face and looks confused. As she tries to make sense of it all, Rizk drops to one knee. She falls to the ground in total disbelief and tries to overcome what's just happened. Men playing the drums surround her, and someone yells, "Stand up."

She Said Yes!


In a matter of seconds, Moujalli went from being a so-called "hostage" to engaged and was overwhelmed with emotion. She's seen laughing, crying, and smiling as Rizk puts the ring on her finger. She looks stunned as she looks at the ring, the drummers and woman dressed in a white feathered Vegas showgirl ensemble dancing around her. 

Viewers Are Appalled


The video has over 1,200 comments so far, and many are taken aback by the traumatizing way Rizk proposed. "She's not crying cos he proposing.. she crying cause her life flashed before her eyes and she thought she was," one person wrote. Another stated, "it's supposed to be something romantic not traumatising," Tahli, the post's creator, responded, "All relationships are different. Romantic isn't their thing. She expected something crazy like this."

Someone else wrote, "That's not something to be proud of." Someone else wrote, "@Tahli How did your Brother or anyone else believe this was good idea? and she replied, "If you know them personally you'd understand." Another viewer commented, "Traumatising beyond words."

Moujalli Defends the Proposal


Although many viewers were horrified by the shocking proposal, Moujalli jumped in and defended Rizk. In the comment section, she wrote, "This is the extent you have to go to when you have a girlfriend who is very nosey and aware of everything 😂. She added, "It wasn't as bad as it looks."

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The Stunt Took Months to Plan

Vanessa Moujalli/Facebook

In an interview with The Daily Mail Australia, Tahli said that Moujalli always wanted the proposal to be in Lebanon, and she was "genuinely happy" with the engagement. '[Adam] always joked that he wanted to propose in a way to scare her and my family joined in and made it possible when she was visiting family in Lebanon," she said. "They always play pranks on each other so it's just their relationship … the overall planning took three months."

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