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Schoolgirls Allegedly Killed 12-Year-Old Best Friend and Posted TikTok Video Dancing Hours After Body Was Found

More details are revealed about the Luise Frisch case that’s stunned the world. 

Disturbing new details are emerging in the bone-chilling case of 12-year-old Luise Frisch, who was allegedly stabbed 32 times. Her body was found in a secluded wooded area in Freudenberg, Germany, on March 11th, and two classmates aged 12 and 13 are the alleged suspects who reportedly uploaded a video to TikTok showing themselves dancing after Frisch's body had been discovered. The suspect's identities have been concealed due to a German law that states children under the age of 14 will not be held criminally responsible for unlawful actions. 

Frisch Had a Play Date with her Suspected Killers the Night Before

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Frisch and the two girls suspected of the crime were in the same class at the Esther Bejarano secondary school in Freudenberg near Cologne. According to the Daily Mail, they were described as "best friends." Perth Now reports Frisch went missing after a play date with one of the suspects. 

At this time, limited information has been released, and police have not given a motive. The Daily Mail reports, "Because of the ages of those involved, police and prosecutors have released few details and possible motives circulating include a TikTok falling out, rivalry over a boy and revenge after Luise claimed she was being bullied at school."

In a statement, police said: "After the homicide in Freudenberg, the public prosecutor and the police warn against speculation and the resulting spread of false reports. Due to the broad public interest and the associated sympathy, rumours about the alleged background of the incident keep coming up. Apparently, there is speculation, especially on social media, that does not match the current status of the investigation. The public's need for information is very high in the present case, but due to the protection of all personal rights by the investigating authorities, no detailed information can be published." 

The Suspects Reportedly Uploaded Videos of Themselves Dancing After the Alleged Murder

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The Daily Mail reports that a German WELT journalist revealed shocking social media videos while conducting research. "The suspects even posted a picture of themselves dancing on TikTok the following day just as Luise's body was found by police after her parents raised the alarm," Mail writes. Their accounts have since been shut down, but not before images of the post were shared numerous times. Both girls have since received death threats, and their families had to relocate amid fears of an attack or retaliation. 

The Two Young Suspects Won't Face Criminal Charges


The current law in Germany states that anyone under the age of 14 is not criminally responsible, but there's an outcry to change the age limit due to this case. At this time, there are no plans to increase the age, and law professor Gerd Hamme told Mail, "decisions made' during 'emotionally heated' events was not a 'good basis' for legislative change. However, that isn't stopping people from trying as an online petition demanding the law be changed had gathered almost 150,000 signatures. Professor Hamme added, "In Germany, it is the task of the legislator to check whether 14 years is the right limit for criminal responsibility. A change only seems necessary to me, if the abilities of the children and young people and their maturity have changed compared to before."

Hamme also stated, "I have no evidence of this and in any case, the current point in time is very unsuitable for making decisions on changing the criminal responsibility limit. Because at the moment the mood is emotionally very heated. While this is entirely understandable, it is not a good basis for revising tried-and-tested regulations. It is better to approach this with a cool head."

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The Case Has Shaken the World

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The gut-wrenching brutal murder of Frisch is sending shockwaves through Germany as many are in disbelief that the two young girls who are accused of the crime are capable of committing such a heinous act. Mail reports, the girls confessed to police after their stories didn't match up. A man who runs a cafe in the area where the girls live told the outlet, "It's the age of everyone who is involved that has left everyone shocked. They are all just children. Who knows what possessed them to do what they did, to stab someone more than 30 times is horrible."

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