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Wife Gets Revenge on Husband After He Claims She Does Nothing Around the House

She stopped all housework.

A Connecticut mom of two took to social media to get revenge on her husband who claimed she didn't do anything around the house and got him to clean up his act! Lindsay Donnelly, who runs a social media marketing agency, publicly called out her husband for saying she didn't do enough at home and sparked online fury. People quickly jumped to her defense, attacking her husband, Brian who works in venture capital, and now the couple are speaking out. 

The Viral Video


A few days ago Donnelly posted a 28 second clip that has been viewed 14.4 million times. She doesn't say a word in the video, but in the text over the clip she wrote, "My husband made a comment that I do nothing around the house." She looked at the camera annoyed and then wrote, "So I did nothing around the house for two days." She then showed the house messy with piles of laundry, dishes in the sink and table and her kid's toys laying all over the floor.

Donnelly Left for a Girl's Weekend


In another act of revenge, after filming the TikTok, which plays Taylor Swift's Karma, featuring Ice Spice, Donnelly left her husband for the weekend with the house uncleaned. She captioned the clip "Then I left town for a girls trip." 

People Encouraged Donnelly to Leave


The viral video was flooded with thousands of comments telling the mom of two she should leave her husband. "Forget a girls trip I'd sign the divorce papers right then & there," one person wrote. "I'd get divorce papers honestly. that's unacceptable that he can't pick up as well," another added. "Divorce babe divorce," someone else commented. 

Donnelly's Husband Didn't Know About the TikTok Until She Told Him


After going viral, Donnelly was worried her husband would find out about the video, so she filmed another TikTok showing his reaction as she told him. Erupting into laughter she said, "I made a TikTok video of the mess and the situation." She continued to laugh and said "over a million people have watched the TikTok." He then started to chuckle. Through her hysterical laughter, she told her husband she was nervous he would find out about it and that she wanted to tell him in person so he wouldn't get his feelings over the mean comments. "So I'm publically enemy No. #1" he sarcastically said. She laughed and nodded yes. He shrugged it off and she said she's doing the follow up video to give him the chance to "redeem" himself. He responded, "Sorry TikTok."

He's a "Good Husband"


In the confession follow up, Donnelly stood her ground and demanded an apology, but she also defended her husband. "So, he's actually a really good husband."

Donnelly Wanted to "Prove a Point in a Funny Way"


Speaking with TODAY, Donnelly explained why she made the video. "The night he made the comment, I was getting the kids ready for bed, and he was cleaning up in the kitchen," Donnelly says. "I noticed he was kind of grumpy and I was like, 'What's going on?' And that's when he made the comment about me doing nothing around the house." She added, "I didn't want to yell and scream and fight about it," she says. "I wanted to prove a point in a funny way."

"Invisible Labor"


People were not shy about criticizing Brian, but in addition to the backlash, others left insightful comments, which Donnelly appreciated. "Somebody commented on my video that this is how you make invisible labor visible," she told TODAY. And I thought it was brilliant," she says. "I'm constantly tidying — I'm picking up shoes, I'm doing all these things that go unnoticed but add up to a lot."

The Couple Have a "Strong Relationship"


Brian shared his side of the story with the outlet and said he has a "super strong relationship," with his wife. But that doesn't mean they don't argue. "I was feeling frustrated and I directed that at her," he says. When asked if he regrets making the comment, he responded, "I think yes."

Donnelly Doesn't Want Her Husband Judged Over "One Moment"


The couple have moved past the situation and Donnelly said when she came home from her girl's trip,  house was "spick-and-span." Her husband went as far as even cleaning their car. "He told me he was so sorry," Donnelly explained to TODAY, and said it's been hard reading cruel comments that slam Brian. He really is an amazing husband," she stated. "That was just one moment."


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