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Prince Harry's "Nagging" Is Making King Charles' Life a "Misery," According to Author

The Duke of Sussex is relentlessly bothering his father, experts claim. 

Before making their Megxit to America, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attempted to negotiate with the Royal Family, decreasing their duties as family members while maintaining patronages, titles, and statuses. While Queen Elizabeth was willing to release them as working members of the Royal Family, the majority of the couple's demands were denied. As a result, Prince Harry lost his military patronages, and a new report claims he is begging for them back. 

Prince Harry Is Mad at His Father, Expert Claims


Prince Harry is reportedly livid that his father, King Charles, won't return his military patronages, and single-handedly blames him, according to one royal expert.

He "Hates" That His Father Took Them, According to Author


Royal biographer Robert Jobson, author of Our King: The Man and the Monarch Revealed, claims that the Duke of Sussex "hates" that his father went to such an extreme after he opted to abandon royal duties. 

They Were Stripped as Soon as He Stepped Down

British Royal Commando Badge

Harry's military titles, including commodore-in-chief of small ships and diving, honorary air commandant of RAF Honington, and captain general of the Royal Marines, were awarded to him by his grandmother. However, when he stepped down as a working Royal, they were stripped.

He "Hates" That He's "Lost" His Titles, According to Jobson


"He hates the idea that he is not captain general of the Royal Marines … and he hates the fact that he's lost all these positions," Jobson recently told True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat.

If Harry Hadn't Left "He'd Have Been Hugely Beneficial" to the UK, Author Says


"If he'd been in the Royal Family and not gone down this path, I think he'd have been hugely beneficial to the country, and he could have done even more."

Harry Is Reportedly Demanding the Titles Back


According to other reports, Harry has been demanding that his father return the titles to him, and has been insufferably begging him. 

Anotger Author Accuses Him of Being "Phoney"


Royal biographer Angela Levin accused Prince Harry of being "phoney" in a new interview with Sky News Australia and claims that Harry only contacts the King to make "his life a misery."

He "Treats His Own Family So Poorly," Levin Says


"It is so phoney because if he treats his own family so poorly, you can't believe that he knows what a real family is all about," Levin told Sky News Australia.

Harry Has Been "Nagging" His Father "For Three Years Now," Levin Claims


"He's been nagging him for three years now. He rings up to demand apologies," Levin continues.  

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He Asks for "More Money" Too, According to Levin


He even demands money, Levin claims. "He rings up to ask for more money. He just rings up to make his life a misery."

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