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King Charles' Paintings Have Increased By Up To 100 Percent in Price: "One of Britain's Top Watercolorists"

Over the past few years, his paintings have majorly gone up in price. 

King Charles has some eccentric habits and hobbies. For example, he doesn't travel without his teddy bear, brings his own toilet seat, toilet paper, and bed wherever he goes, and also has a velvet squeeze toothpaste on a toothbrush for him. You also might not know this, but the King is also an accomplished artist.

His former aide Michael Fawcett once revealed that he even brings his own landscape paintings with him when he travels and hangs them in bedrooms where he sleeps. In case you assumed that the patriarch of the family is just some amateur artist, he is actually quite good. In fact, many maintain he is "one of Britain's top watercolorists."

King Charles' Paintings Have Raised over $2.4 Million for Charities Over the Years


Over the years, King Charles' artwork has fetched over $2.4 million for various charities and causes. For many years his landscape pieces were sold for over $3,000 but have gone up in value in recent years. 

They Recently Increased in Price Up to 100 Percent


According to a report, his paintings have increased in price anywhere from 40 to 100 percent, with most of them now selling for over $4,200. Currently, a series of limited edition framed lithographs can be purchased in the Highgrove House shop, including one of his favorite views in Scotland, Alltnaguibhsaich Lodge, painted in 2016, a view across the Straits of Corfu, and a view of Balmoral from 1991. Proceeds go to the Prince's Foundation. 

His Watercolors Are "Extremely Popular"

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"Our lithographs are extremely popular and are priced according to market rates, with the revenue generated from their sale invested in education and training programmes delivered by The Prince's Foundation," a charity spokesman told The Telegraph, maintaining that the surge in pricing had nothing to do with him rising the ranks up from Prince to King. 

Framing and Printing Has Also Gotten More Expensive


"Variation in price reflects the rarity of each item, and more recently-produced items may cost more due to the well-documented increase in cost of framing and printing, which we're proud to say takes place in the UK," he continues. 

They Are Becoming More Popular


In October 2022, one of the King's watercolor prints of Balmoral Castle sold for almost $7,000 at auction – more than eight times its estimated value. "This charming print combined the King's passion for painting and his deep affection for Scotland. It acquired special resonance and appeal, of course, because of recent events and I am not surprised there was such keen bidding nor that it exceeded its estimate by so much," Hamish Wilson, curator of Bonhams' Scottish Home sale, said at the time. 

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Experts Maintain He Is "Genuinely One of the Top British Watercolorists"


According to Bendor Grosvenor, an art historian, the surge in pricing is "a sign of good progress" and that the King's artwork is worthy of the cost. "I think the King is genuinely one of the top British watercolorists. He has a real gift and has been slightly pooh-poohed by the art culturati because he was the Prince of Wales," he said. 

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