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Princess Diana's Friend Exposes King Charles' Secret "Love Train" Meeting With Camilla

According to a new source, Diana was convinced that it was Camilla on the train.

It has been over 30 years since the affair between King Charles and the now Queen Camilla rocked the world. At the time, Charles was married to Princess Diana, one of the most beloved Royals in history and the mother of his children. However, even now that Charles and Camilla are married for many years, the public fascination with the scandal has failed to wane. In a new ITV documentary, The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor, new details about a rendezvous between the two, which took place on the Royal Train, have been revealed, all thanks to one of the late Princess' best pals. 

Newspaper Claimed Princess Diana and Charles Had a Secret Tryst on a Train

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In November 1980, the Sunday Mirror published a story about a scandalous meeting on the "Royal Love Train" between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. According to the story, the couple, who were engaged at the time, secretly met on the Royal Train at night.

They Vehemently Denied the Claims

Buckingham Palace at sunrise in London, United Kingdom

At the time, Buckingham Palace strongly denied the claims that the unwed couple had a secret liaison aboard the train. Now Princess Diana's friend is saying that something did happen on the train, only the Princess of Wales wasn't involved. 

A Friend of Diana's Says She Believed It Was Camilla on the Train


Dr. James Colthurst believes that the real visitor was Queen Camilla. "[Diana] was fifty miles away so it wasn't her. It had to be somebody else. Diana thought that the visitor was probably Camilla."

Charles' Former Secretary Agrees the Story Doesn't Make Sense


Charles' former private secretary, Francis Cornish, also agrees that the Sunday Mirror's account was incorrect. "What happens with the Royal Train is you get on it at some reasonable hour in the evening and then it goes to a siding fairly near to where you are going and then the next morning it will go in," he said. 

He Doesn't Think Diana Was on the Train


"What is alleged to have happened, in those articles, is that [Charles] had a date while the train was in the siding," he continued. "I think most of the stories suggested it was Diana. It's not the only suggestion. I don't know if it took place but if it did take place I would actually be very surprised that it was Diana."

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Diana Said She Had "Never Been Anywhere Near the Train"


At the time, even Diana herself denied the story. "I was so shocked. I simply couldn't believe it. I've never been anywhere near the train, let alone in the middle of the night," she said. "Even though they rang me up first, they printed it anyway. Afterwards they rang up to apologise but that doesn't change people's minds about what they think when they read a story like that."

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