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King Charles Is "Tired and Angry" Over Disgraced Prince Andrew's Disobedience—It's a "Real Battle," Insider Claims 

King wants his brother out.

As his coronation date of May 6 approaches, King Charles has been left "tired and furious" by troublesome family members, Page Six reported last week. Those would be, at last check, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. On Wednesday, Harry finally RSVPd for the coronation—nine days after the deadline and following a protracted will-they-or-won't-they-attend drama surrounding the prince and his wife, Meghan Markle. Meanwhile, Charles and his younger brother Andrew are embroiled in an ongoing real estate dispute. Read on to learn more, including what's at stake for all involved.

King Allegedly Wants Andrew Out


On Prince Andrew's part, he has run afoul of King Charles's campaign to cut royal costs and create a "slimmed-down monarchy" that provides "value for money." The king's younger brother was forced to step down as a working royal amid his sex-abuse scandal, but he refuses to cooperate with Charles's demands that he move out of the massive $37 million Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Charles has given Andrew the keys to nearby Frogmore Cottage, the five-bedroom house from which Prince Harry and Meghan were recently evicted. But Andrew refuses to leave the much bigger house he's lived in for two decades. "Andrew doesn't want to leave because the property is seen as a symbol of senior royalty — an important property in the family's portfolio," a royal source told Page Six. "But William, who is the heir to the throne, has his eye on it."

William, Kate In Cramped in "Ice Box"

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) visit Auckland's Viaduct Harbour during their New Zealand tour on April 11, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

William, Kate, and their three children are now living in Adelaide Cottage, a former employee's quarters that they consider cramped and has been likened to an "ice box." Meanwhile, the Royal Lodge has 30 bedrooms, its own swimming pool, and a tennis court. Andrew's ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, still lives in her own wing of the house. Andrew signed a 75-year lease after the Queen Mother died. She spent millions renovating the palatial residence, which was her last.

"Relations Have Never Been This Bad," Insider Claims

NBC News

Insiders say the property squabble has exasperated the king, who resents being distracted from the coronation. "Relations between the king and his brother have never been this bad," a source told Page Six.  "It has turned into a real battle which he never expected and it's left him tired and infuriated," said royal expert Nigel Hawthorne.

"Their relationship has never been easy and they have always been in competition with each other. But the problem with being the spare is that every time there is a new birth you slip down the rankings and [Andrew] has been completely eclipsed. Charles is king and holds all the power."

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Charles Wants to Cut Andrew Off, According to Reports


As part of his austerity campaign, Charles is eager for extended members of the royal family to pay their own way. The long tradition of the Crown subsidizing apartments for distant royals is ending, insiders say.  Those same insiders say money is a problem for Andrew. He has reportedly complained to friends that Queen Elizabeth left all her money to Charles for tax purposes, meaning he can't afford needed repairs on Royal Lodge.

If Andrew can't afford to maintain the property, Charles has an excuse to evict him. "While I don't think we will see Charles calling the bailiffs in, he can turn the screws more on Andrew by cutting off his money even more," Hawthorne said. "Andrew has very little money of his own — which is partly why he depends on his rich businessmen friends to fund him. If he can't afford the maintenance on a large place like Royal Lodge, he may begin to see that he will have no choice but to move."

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