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Mom Lost 66 Pounds With These Simple Changes

She lost it with the help of a few simple health habits. 

Do you want to lose over 60 pounds in six months without going to extreme measures, like crash dieting, exercising compulsively, or getting a prescription for a weight loss shot like Ozempic? One London-based mother-of-three claims to know the secret to dropping weight fast, the healthy way. In a new interview with The Daily Mail, Rachael Sacerdoti reveals how she lost 66 pounds in six months by making a few simple changes. 

Rachael Sacerdoti Weighed Almost 200 Pounds and "Lost Herself"

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

Sacerdoti, a 44-year-old stay-at-home mom, explains that she weighed 198 pounds nine months after giving birth to her first child. She added that the added weight made her feet turn red and swell when she walked, and she "lost herself" and "didn't know who she was."

She Didn't Understand Nutrition

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

"I've really struggled with food my whole life, I had no education about what balanced meals were or how to cook for myself," she said. "I had extremely bad food habits and lived on carbs and sugar. None of my meals had protein, and I was constantly snacking on white bread, jam, and fried foods." 

She Changed Her Mindset

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

"My brother was worried and told me I had to change my mindset and look out for myself – I always burnt myself out by trying to do too much and failing," she continued. She also had to be patient, as in the past she "wanted everything to be immediate, and it took until I was almost 40 to realize I had a long road ahead of me."

She Did 20-Minute Workouts in Her Bedroom

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

Instead of hiring a personal trainer, Sacerdoti started doing a 20-minute workout routine in her bedroom with free weights. "I started in my bedroom, my safe space, and the progress was really slow but I started noticing a change in how I moved and ate," she said. 

She Went on 10-Minute Walks

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

She also started going on 10-minute walks around the block. "I fell in love with the routine and eating well – I lost 30kg in about six months and I loved the way I looked," she said. "My confidence came back, I developed a real sense of myself and what I wanted out of my life." She maintains that spending less than an hour every morning exercising "completely changed" her life for the better.

She Changed Her Diet

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

As for diet, Rachael added "good carbs" like quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, and whole meal bread to her diet, swapped to chickpea and lentil pasta, and added protein in the form of chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, tofu, tuna, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. She also added leafy greens, helping her feel "full" after eating and didn't restrict herself. "I really didn't want to feel like I was on a diet or that I had to eat tiny portions," she said. Her family also started eating healthier. "Our diet is more protein-focused and we don't rely on processed or frozen foods as much. It's mostly homemade and healthy," she said. "I want my kids to know about nutrition and balance – and for them to realize when they've had too many lollies or chips. They're allowed to eat everything in moderation – I'd never dream of taking chocolates away from them."

She Offers a Wellness Program

Rachael Sacerdoti/Instagram

You too can follow Rachael's diet plan. "I now offer a wellness program that is a mix of fitness, nutrition, and accountability – and it's truly been the most gratifying thing," she said. 

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