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Kate Middleton "Built up Resentment" to Meghan After Frantic Royal Feud Started by King Charles, Expert Reveals

Duchess of Cambridge is resentful about the events following Queen Elizabeth’s death, says one expert.

The strained relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle has been a topic of Royal conversation for several years. In fact, according to reports, the discord between Prince William and Prince Harry's respective wives started shortly after the two met and has progressively intensified over the years.

While their feud surrounding Harry and Meghan's wedding day has been one of the most talked about of all, according to a Royal author, within the past year, Kate has become even more resentful toward Meghan. And it has nothing to do with Meghan and Prince Harry's media blitz against the palace, the author claims.

Royal Author Robert Jobson Says Kate Developed a "Resentment" Toward Meghan After the Queen's Death

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

Royal author Robert Jobson recently discussed the relationship between Princess Kate and Princess Meghan to Daily Telegraph Australia. He revealed that Kate's "resentment" toward the Suits star has "built up" due to the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth's death in September.

When the Queen died in September, Harry and Meghan were coincidentally in the United Kingdom on business. According to Jobson, Kate very much so wanted to say her final goodbyes to her grandmother-in-law. However, at the request of her father-in-law, King Charles, she was told she could not come. 

But Charles Prevented Her From Doing So, Author Says


According to Jobson, Charles had to disinvite Kate to prevent his other daughter-in-law, Meghan, from coming. "Harry was insisting Meghan travel with him to Scotland as the Queen's life ebbed away, but the King said it was only for the children and grandchildren to be with the Queen," he told the publication. 

According to the biographer, Charles said to Prince William, "If Catherine doesn't come, Meghan can't either, it's not appropriate for wives to attend." However, he actually wanted Kate to be there. "Privately, he wanted to say Meghan was not welcome, but he couldn't say that to Harry, so he personally intervened and asked Kate to stay back so that it was fairer on Meghan."

It Has "Eaten Kate Up" and Built Up Her "Resentment" Toward Meghan, Author Says

Kate went along with her father-in-law's wishes. "Kate deliberately stayed away, but she desperately wanted to be there with the Queen in her last moments. That's eaten Kate up and has built up resentment towards Meghan," says Jobson. 

He also notes that Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate's walkabout after the Queen's death, the first time the four were seen together officially since 2020 was one of the "hardest things" she'd ever had to do. "Catherine later admitted to a senior royal that, such was the ill feeling between the two couples, the joint walkabout was one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do," he said.