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New Disturbing Details in Bryan Kohberger's Case as His Suspect's Behavior Towards Women Uncovered

According to a former FBI agent, this could help explain motive.

As the investigation into Bryan Kohberger continues, more and more information is being revealed about the 28-year-old charged with the stabbing murders of four University of Idaho students, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20. As those who knew him continue to come forward, and details about his employment and studies at the nearby Washington State University trickle in, some experts believe that his behavior and beliefs may have fueled his alleged motive. 

According to Sources, Kohberger Graded Female Students More Harshly


According to NewsNation sources, Kohberger graded his female students harsher than the males while working as a criminology graduate assistant. And one former FBI investigator believes this could explain the motive. 

Kohberger was part of the criminology program at Washington State University, studying for his Ph.D. One month after the murders, prior to his arrest, he was let go from the program – but not because of those crimes, according to NewsNation. 

Former Colleagues Maintain He Made "Snide Comments" Toward Women

NBC News

Former colleagues told the publication that Kohberger made "snide comments" toward women in the program and even told them that men would take all their jobs because they were not as smart. 

According to the anonymous sources, multiple complaints were filed against Kohberger, some of them accusing him of grading female students more harshly than male students. He was also accused of harassment at a training seminar at the school. 

The letter of termination issued by the school doesn't mention any of these things. It vaguely states that he "had not made progress regarding professionalism" and mentions an "altercation" Kohberger had with John Snyder, the professor he was assisting, that occurred on September 23.  Per the letter, Kohberger was involved in a second "altercation" with Professor Snyder on December 9.

Former FBI Agent Points Out That "His Sort of Subpar Harassment and Treatment of Women" May Point to His Motive

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Former CIA officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder also told NewsNation that this could potentially point to a motive. "There's a gag order surrounding this case and so we don't have a lot of information, but I think the public's interested and the public wants to understand how something like this happened. And I think something like that, and it's really been consistent across the board, going all the way back into high school, his sort of subpar harassment and treatment of women really kind of points to his motive," she explains.

He May Have Been Looking for "Male Supremacy," Expert Claims

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"Really a very common motive in this type of multiple victim homicide is sex. And so it's not necessarily that he may have wanted sex, but something that he really was looking for was male supremacy. And so that gets conflated with the idea of an incel and that could be something that we're looking at here, but I'm not 100% certain," Walder said.

Walder also adds that these people could be called as character witnesses in the trial. "This is something that in terms of Kohberger's behavior has been really consistent, really throughout the past decade and a half of his life. This has been reported, that this is how he has made women feel and treated them. And depending on the direction that the prosecution's going to go in regards to a motive, they absolutely could be called as witnesses," she says. 

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