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Mom Was Lured with False Promise of Shopping Trip, Then Kidnapped, Tortured and Killed by Drug Traffickers

Nine drug traffickers plead guilty to the kidnapping and death of Rossana Delgado, a mom of two. 

A rideshare driver in Georgia went missing in April 2021 and nine drug traffickers have pleaded guilty. Rossana Delgado was found dead 120 miles away from where she was last seen, and according to the Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office, the 37-year-old was tortured, her body was dismembered and burned. The suspects are members of a drug trafficking organization (DTO) who conspired to abduct the mom of two. No motive as of now has been given. 

Delgado Was "Lured" to a Shopping Mall

CCTV / Gilmer County Sheriff's Office

The District Attorney's Office stated, "The kidnapping of Delgado ultimately occurred on April 16, 2021, when she was lured to the Plaza Fiesta Shopping Mall in DeKalb County, Georgia under the false pretenses of a shopping trip."

Delgado Was Taken to Different Locations

Gilmer County Sheriff's Office

Before Delgado was held at a cabin in Gilmer County, GA, she was taken to different locations, the DA's office said. "Delgado was taken to a residence in DeKalb County, Georgia where she was bound and transported to subsequent locations in Clayton and Gilmer Counties over a several day period, ultimately arriving at the location of her murder, a cabin in Gilmer County, Georgia."

Delgado Was Tortured


After Delgado was taken to the cabin, she was tortured before she died. "The residence in Gilmer County was a rental cabin whose reservation was made through an online vacation rental company," the DA's office said. "The reservation was made using a stolen identity. At the cabin in Gilmer County, Georgia, associates of the DTO did torture Delgado prior to her death and eventually carried out the killing of Delgado and dismemberment and burning of Delgado's body. They subsequently concealed and destroyed evidence of the murder of Delgado."

Some of the Suspects Fled to Mexico


After the brutal murder, some of the suspects left the country. "Associates of the DTO secured transportation and facilitated the fleeing of associates of the DTO to Mexico to prevent their apprehension." 

Many of the Suspects Were Apprehended Quickly

Gilmer County Sheriff's Office

Several of the suspects were apprehended within a few weeks. "In May, 2021, Oscar Manuel Garcia, Megan Alyssa Colone and Juan Antonio Vega were apprehended in Reynosa, Mexico and extradited to the United States. In June, 2021, Juan Ayala-Rodriguez was apprehended in Durango, Mexico and extradited to the United States. Other defendants were apprehended at various times during the investigation and pendency of this case."

Delgado's Husband Tracked Her Phone

Gilmer County Sheriff's Office

When Delgado didn't return home, her family grew worried and her husband tracked her movement through her phone. He went to a location where she had been and found a face mask with blood. That's when he called authorities, reported back in 2021, "He followed the signal to a house in Decatur which apparently the signal was there for one hour and they take off and end up in a public storage in Covington Highway," said Diana Alvarez, a close family friend.

There is One Suspect at Large and the Case Remains Opens

One suspect is still at large, so the case remains open. Mario Alberto Barbosa-Juarez is wanted for the offenses of malice murder, felony murder; kidnapping; concealing death of another; removal of body parts from scene of death; aggravated battery; and violation of the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations Act (2 counts).


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