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Inside Ghislaine Maxwell's Life in Prison: Fear of Brutal Revenge by Violent Inmates

From riches to stitches, a source claims that Epstein’s accomplice snitched on her prison mates.

For many years, Ghislaine Maxwell enjoyed the finest things in life: Jetting around on private aircraft, sailing around the world in multi-million dollar yachts, and playing with the rich and famous on private islands, specifically the one owned by the convicted offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein. However, the longtime accomplice of Epstein's current living situation is a far cry from the one she is accustomed to, according to a new report quoted by The Daily Mail. After being convicted of conspiring with Epstein to sexually abuse minors, she is serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison, where she is reportedly fighting for her life. 

According to a New Report, Maxwell Is Living in Fear After Tattling on Fellow Imates


The Daily Mail reports that Maxwell is "living in constant fear of a brutal beatdown behind bars after she ratted out two violent Cuban inmates for trying to extort her."

According to the publication, the accused spent 47 days in solitary confinement after she reported them to authorities at FCI Tallahassee. Her claim? They demanded she hands over items from her commissary order. 

She Refuses to Shower in Stalls, the Source Says


Now that the two have been released back into the general prison population, she is "freaking out" because they are out for revenge, sources told The Daily Mail. According to them, she refuses to shower in stalls, afraid she will be the victim of an attack via razor blades. 

The Inmates Are "Tattooed, Tall and Thick" Cubans, According to the Source


The source maintains that she has to be escorted to her job in the prison library by a guard. They also say that the "tattooed, tall and thick" Cubans have been moved to a different unit. 

They Learned She Was Trading Tofu and Veggies for Junk Food, the Source Says


According to the source, issues began when the Cubans learned that Maxwell, a strict vegan, had an "arrangement" with a kitchen worker to get extra fruit, vegetable, and tofu. She would trade them for junk food in the commissary. 

They Tried to Blackmail Her, But She Tattled, According to the Source

Metropolitan Detention Center

"When the Cubans discovered what Max was doing, they demanded she spends her entire commissary limit of $360 on things for them otherwise, they would report her," the insider explained. "They even wrote her a note which was a bad idea as Max took that to the Lieutenant's office as evidence of blackmail."

The Girls Spent 47 Days in Isolation, the Source Says


"They take that sort of thing very seriously as it's considered to be threatening someone," the source continued. "The girls each spent 47 days in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) and they are super angry about it."

When the Girls Got Out, "Max Was Freaking Out," According to the Source


"The first rule of life inside is you never snitch. If you have a problem, you handle it with the other inmate, one on one, usually by fighting," the source continued. "So when the girls got out, Max was freaking out. She basically had a nervous breakdown over it. She even demanded a transfer. Max was given the option of self-segregating by going into protective custody. It's the same as the SHU, the only difference is that it's voluntary, so she wouldn't accept that."

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She Is Hoping Guards Can Keep Her Safe Until One of the Women Is Released, the Source Says

Close up on key locking jail cell

"One of the Cubans has a particular reputation for starting fights and intimidating other inmates. She gets out later this month so Max is praying the guards can keep her safe until then," they added. 

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