Families Throw Punches at Disney World Over Photo Shoot Spot

Things turned ugly at Disneyland when multiple people were involved in a bloody brawl.

Disney World isn't always the happiest place on Earth. Two families were captured on video savagely fighting, punching and kicking each other as they fell to the ground. At least one person was medically treated on the scene and two people were asked to leave. 

Photo Opp


These days everyone wants that perfect photo for social media, and some people are willing to fight for it. That's reportedly what caused members of two families to get into a heated discussion, which led to a full-blown physical altercation between multiple people. 

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom 100th Anniversary Sign Sparked the Drama

Disney World

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the company, and to honor the milestone, Disney World is celebrating. At the entrance of the theme park the company placed a sizeable 100th-anniversary sign, and that's where the fight took place, according to witnesses. 

A Family Reportedly Didn't Like Being Asked to Move Out of the Way


The fight occurred when one family asked another to step aside so they could take a photo in front of the 100th-anniversary sign. Fox35 News reports, "Apparently, one family was standing in front of the sign, where another family wanted to take a photo. That family asked the other family to move – and one family member then punched another member of the other family in the face."

The Video


A bystander stopped to film the fight and can be heard saying, "Did you see how it broke out?" someone could be heard saying in the video. "I was just walking right here, and I saw it just happening." The footage shows several people involved in the brawl, with a few that had fallen on the cement and others running over to try to stop the flight. 

No Charges Were Pressed


The Orange County Sheriff's Office told the outlet that both parties involved declined to press charges. Authorities also said two people were removed from the park, and one person received immediate attention. 

Fights at Disney Parks Have Happened Before


Brawls taking place at the Magic Kingdom are actually not uncommon. As a result, Disney added a courtesy section to their website. "Be the magic you want to see in the world. You must always remember to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion. Those who can't live up to this simple wish may be asked to leave Walt Disney World Resort."

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