Cows Lead Police "Directly to Where Suspect Was Hiding"

How a herd of cows grazing helped police capture a suspect on the run.

A herd of cows is credited for helping police find a suspect on the run in North Carolina. A man later identified as Joshua Minton, 34, of Millers Creek, NC, fled from Boone Police Officers during a traffic stop. He outran officers, but thanks to cows grazing in their pasture, they were able to locate the suspect and apprehend him.

The Suspect Led Police on a Car Chase

Blue light flasher atop of a police car

According to a Boone Police Department press release, "The suspect led Boone police and deputies of the Watauga County Sheriff's Office on a chase."  Minton then left his car and ran on foot. "The suspect abandoned his vehicle in the area of US Hwy 421 and US Hwy 221 in Deep Gap and fled into an undeveloped area."

Minton Lost Police Due to "Reckless Driving"

Officers chasing the suspect were unable to locate him. Police said, "Due to the suspect's fast and reckless driving our officers were not close enough to see exactly where the suspect ran."

Officers Received "Unexpected" Help


During their search for Minton, police scoured the area where they believed the suspect could be hiding. "As officers began to search the area they received some unexpected, but welcomed assistance from some local cows," according to police. "The cows literally led the officers to where the suspect was hiding."

The Charges


It's unclear what led to the traffic stop that resulted in a chase, but the suspect has been charged with following: 

  • 1 count of Felony Flee/Elude Arrest with a Motor Vehicle
  • Driving with License Revoked
  • Disorderly Conduct

The Police are Grateful for the Cow's Help


The officers admit that without the cows directing them to the suspect's whereabouts, Minton might not have been found. "In addition to thanking our officers and deputies for putting themselves in harm's way; obviously, we want to express our gratitude to the cows for their assistance."

The Suspect Has a Scheduled Court Date

Judge gavel and scale in court

According to police, "Mr. Minton was taken before a magistrate and received a $20,000 secured bond with a court date scheduled for 06/28/2023 in Watauga County."


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