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3 Secrets to a Fulfilling Life from a 105-Year-Old Veteran

Susan "Susie" Rossetti, 105, reveals how she has lived a long and happy life. 

Many people want to know the secret to longevity, while others care more about happiness. One woman who has lived until the age of 105 claims to have the answer to both. Susan "Susie" Rossetti, 105, of Watervliet, New York, a World War II veteran, reveals how she has lived a long and prosperous life and the three simple rules she follows to do so. 

Susan Rossetti Says You Should "Try Everything"

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Rossetti, who turned 105 last month claims the key to a fulfilling life is family, faith and to "try everything." "Everything and anything," she told Fox News Digital. 

She "Never Said 'No' to Anything"

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"I never said 'no' to anything. If I couldn't do it, I tried it. I didn't ever say, 'I can't do it.' When it happened, I tried it."

She Treasures Her Community

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Rossetti has lived in Watervliet her whole life and treasures her tight-knit community. "I grew up here, two blocks away," Rossetti said. "I love Watervliet. It's been a good life for me and my family. I lived here all my life and I love it."

She Is a "Staple" in the Community

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Rossetti's community seems to value her just the same."She is just an amazing woman," Watervliet city councilwoman Barb Diamond, who is also a family friend of Rossetti's, told Fox News Digital. "She didn't miss anything. She's been a staple at community events and birthday parties. She was the grand marshal in our Memorial Day parade in 2019 before COVID hit. She threw out the first pitch on the opening day of Little League. She's everywhere. She never missed anything."

She's Friendly and Involved in Her Church


Watervliet Mayor Charles Patricelli agrees. "She's just so friendly," he told Fox News Digital. "Very involved in our church. As a kid, she was someone we respected, but at that time, you know, we really didn't know a lot about her history. When she was around 100, we found out she was a WWII veteran, and we actually interviewed her. The stories she was telling — she was incredible. Sharp as a whip," he added.

She Served Her Country


A patriot for life, at age 24 she left her home and her job as a seamstress to serve her country, enlisting in the U.S. Army.

She Married a Firefighter


In 1958, Rossetti married a local firefighter, Frank Rossetti, who died 15 years ago. She claims that one of the keys to a happy marriage was having interests of her own. "Well, let's put it this way," she said. "He did his thing. I did my thing. And we did our things. And we come along fine."

She Is Involved in Politics


"She was very politically active and a big supporter of our local Democratic committee," Barb Diamond said. "She knew all the people and was at all the functions, parties and fundraisers. Today she follows what's happening on the national level and she could have a conversation with just about anybody and hold her own because she is so aware of what's going on."

She Golfs


Until her early 90s, Rossetti was an avid golfer. She still watches golf tournaments on television. She also stayed active by working on her home. "I did a lot of garden work," she said. "Housework and anything else, you know. That's all I needed. When I did garden work, I didn't need anything else for exercise."

Faith Is "One of the Most Important Things" in Her Life


Faith is also one of her secrets. "One of the most important things in my life," she said. 


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