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Metal Band Frontman Left Hiding in Dressing Room After Shooting Halts Concert

He addressed the scary incident that left one person in critical condition.

Over the weekend gunfire erupted at a heavy metal concert in Oklahoma City. The incident occurred on Saturday night at the Oklahoma State Fair where Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil performed a solo concert. The rocker has detailed exactly what happened in new social media posts. Here is what you need to know about the scary incident that has left one person in the hospital. 

The Shooting Happened at the Oklahoma State Fair

Vince Neil/Twitter

According to Oklahoma City police Lt. Jeff Cooper, the shooting happened at the event center at the Oklahoma State Fair on Saturday night. 

One Person Was Shot in the Chest


"One person was shot in the chest after a fight occurred in the Bennett Event Center at the fairgrounds, and one juvenile is in custody in relation to the shooting," Cooper said. 

People Fled the Fair


"Fairgoers reported people running and quickly exiting the fair following the gunshots," he continued. After the shooting, the suspect shot multiple rounds into the air. 

People Were "Stampeding"


"One witness said people were stampeding and children were crying in the confusion," Cooper said, adding that it was an isolated incident and not an active shooter

One Person Was Arrested and Charged

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While two people were initially taken into custody, only one person was arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after the evening shooting, Cooper confirmed. 

The Injured Person Is in Critical Condition

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According to police, the injured person was taken to the hospital and remained in critical condition Sunday.

It Is Unknown How the Gun Was Brought Into the Venue


Police haven't explained how the gun made it into the event, as guns are prohibited on the fairgrounds, and there are security and detectors at entrances.

Vince Neil Shared About the Incident on X

Vince Neil/Twitter

Vince Neil shared about the incident on X (formerly known as Twitter). "At a concert in Oklahoma City Crazy night last night. 3/4 of the way thru the set people started running," he wrote. 


He Was Told to "Get in Dressing Room"


"We we're told to get in dressing room. There were shooters shooting people. Thank you fans for your understanding," he continued. 

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He Thanked Fans


"Thankfully we are all okay," he wrote. "Thanks to everyone who came out. Please stay safe!"

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