Royal Family Members Ranked From Best to Worst in New Poll

Some of the rankings might surprise you. 

While many people adore the Royal Family as a whole, not every member of the clan is quite as beloved as the next. Every quarter, YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, tallies up the votes of adults in the United Kingdom to determine who the most and least liked members of the family. Ahead of King Charles' big coronation day, how does he rank against other living (and even dead!) relatives? Here are the latest results from YouGov in the the first quarter of 2023, ranked from most to least liked, "based on millions of responses from the British public." Click through to see the rankings.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York


The least liked person in the Royal Family is unsurprisingly Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The Queen's son, who palled around with sex pest Jeffrey Epstein and was accused of sexual assault by Virginia Guiffre, is liked by just 11% of people in the country. 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex


Former Suits star Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is the second most disliked member of the Royal Family. Her popularity rating is just 23% – 42% lower than her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. 

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex


Prince Harry, once a favorite in the Royal Family, is one of the least liked of 2023. The King's son, whose shocking tell-all was a worldwide bestseller, is liked by just 29% of the people he left behind in England when he moved to America with his wife, Meghan Markle. 

Princess Beatrice of York


Tied with a 31% popularity rating is Princess Eugenie's sister, Princess Beatrice.

Princess Eugenie of York


Princess Eugenie of York, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie, falls into the bottom five. She is only liked by 31% of the country. 

Camilla, Queen Consort


Queen Camilla's popularity has struggled for decades, ever since she was known as the mistress of the then-King Charles. However, she has become increasingly popular with the people. Currently, she has a 38% popularity rating, 

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex


Prince Edward's popularity falls just one percent under his wife, Sophie. The Queen's son has a 43% popularity rating. 

Sophie, Countess of Wessex


Queen Elizabeth's daughter-in-law, Sophie, also falls under the 50% popularity rating. 44% of people are fans of the beautiful wife of Prince Edward.

Zara Phillips


Zara Phillips might not rank high in terms of royal stature, but Princess Anne's daughter is a public favorite. 48% of Britons approve of her. 

King Charles


Currently the highest-ranking royal in terms of clout, King Charles' popularity wanes compared to his son and daughter-in-law with a 55% approval rating.

Catherine, Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton wearing hat in winter outdoors.

Also under fire this year was William's wife, Princess Kate. However, like her husband the future Queen is beloved by the adults in the UK, tying her husband with a 65% popularity rating. 

William, Prince of Wales


Prince William has been majorly under fire this year after the publication of his brother, Prince Harry's, tell-all. However, the shocking claims in the book have done little to quell the public's opinion of him: 65% approve of the future King of England. 

Princess Anne


Despite being one of the more low-key members of the Royal Family, Princess Anne is one of the most beloved, according to the survey. The Queen's only daughter has a 66% popularity rating. 

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II smiles

Even from the grave, Queen Elizabeth is still a favorite member of the Royal Family. Her popularity rating is significantly higher than the second-place royal, with 80% of adults approving of the longtime monarch.  

Another Poll Found Kate to Be the Most Beloved Royal

The Duchess of Cambridge attends the 'Back to Nature' Festival at RHS Garden Wisley.

Another recent poll released by Ipos ranked the royals differently. Their poll found that Kate was the most popular member of the family (not including the late Queen) followed by Prince William, any of the King's grandchildren, Princess Anne, and then the King Himself.