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The Royal Family Is "Terrified" of Meghan Markle's Memoir, Which Will Be "Oprah on Steroids": Reports

Rumors are swirling that the Duchess is penning her own tell-all

When Prince Harry announced he was working on a memoir, reports of his family trembling in fear immediately circulated. And, as the publication date of the book he went on to titled Spare neared, there were more and more rumblings about what they feared the Duke of Sussex would reveal in its pages.

However, they weren't prepared for the shocking bombshells he dropped, ranging from allegations that his brother, Prince William, physically attacked him to revealing his true feelings about his "wicked" stepmother, Queen Camilla. Now that rumors are circulating that Meghan Markle might be penning a memoir, the royal family is now "living in fear," according to a new report. 

Meghan is Rumored to Be Working on a Tell-All


Sky News reports that Meghan is working on a memoir, following in her husband's literary footsteps. The biggest fear of the family? That she will reveal the name of the alleged royal "racist," she first mentioned in her Oprah interview. 

It Could Reveal Who the Royal Racist Is

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Meghan first dropped the bombshell to Oprah that prior to her wedding, a member of the Royal Family expressed "concern" about the color of their potential child. 

If That Happens, "All Hell Will Likely Break Loose," Insider Claims

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An insider told The Telegraph that naming the person would result in major damage to the royal family. "All hell will likely break loose again," the insider said.

The Family Has "Not a Lot of Trust" in the Couple, Insider Claims


This is one of the reasons why King Charles and Prince William are keeping their distance. "There's not a lot of trust left to allow the family to maintain a good and open relationship," the insider said. "How do you speak openly without it ending up in volume two?"

There Is a "Sense of High Irritation" Over Their Projects


The insider added there was a "sense of high irritation" over the couple's projects. "The Netflix documentary was viewed as largely anodyne and nothing much to worry about — it's the book that, for the family, has really cemented the view that all Harry ever seems to want to do is air his unhappiness," they said.

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A Memoir Would Be "Oprah on Steroids," Expert Claims

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Journalist and royal commentator Louise Roberts maintains that a tell-all memoir from Meghan could have "terrifying" impacts on the royal family. "I think it's time for her to unleash her memoir, although the royals can't control Harry they certainly cannot control Meghan," she told Sky News Australia host Caroline Di Russo. "(A memoir) will be Oprah on steroids."