Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Called Meghan Markle "Evil" and Her Relationship With Harry a "Complete Catastrophe," Report Claims

The Queen “saw through” Meghan from the start, according to a source.

Over the years, there is one member of the Royal Family who Meghan Markle hasn't said a bad thing about: Her grand-mother-in-law, the late Queen Elizabeth. In fact, it seemed as though the two got along pretty well, with Meghan even attending a private engagement with the Queen prior to her big wedding to Prince Harry. However, according to a new report, Queen Elizabeth allegedly had a thinly veiled Royal secret: She thought Meghan Markle was "evil" and that her relationship with her grandson was a "complete catastrophe." 

Queen Elizabeth "Saw Through" Meghan From the Start

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

According to a new report from the Spectator, Queen Elizabeth was not a fan of Meghan Markle and "saw through" her from the start. Sources maintain that prior to her death, she opened up about her true feelings concerning the suits star, and they weren't very friendly. 

She Allegedly Called the Relationship a "Complete Catastrophe"


The alleged conversation occurred in August 2022 prior to a reception at Balmoral. "At the drinks before the dinner, a small group were talking to the monarch and she explained that Harry meeting Meghan had become a complete catastrophe and described her as evil," the source claimed.

She Allegedly Used the Word "Evil" to Describe Her

Harpo Productions via CBS

People were shocked to hear the Queen's words. "Everybody's eyebrows hit the ceiling," the source recalled. "It was out of character for the Queen to use such a word as 'evil' to describe Meghan, but she saw straight through her.

She Allegedly Seemed "Regretful About How Things Had Panned Out"


"It was a startling sentence to hear from the most forgiving woman on Earth," the source continued. According to them, the outburst came because "the Queen's health was in decline" and "she seemed regretful about how things had panned out."

Tom Bower Also Claimed the Queen Wasn't a Fan of Meghan

Queen Elizabeth II

This source isn't the only one who has claimed that the Queen wasn't a fan of Meghan. Royal biographer Tom Bower once claimed that the Queen was relieved when she found out Meghan wouldn't be at her husband's funeral. "Thank goodness Meghan is not coming," she said. 

Meghan Did Not Attend the King's Coronation

Harry and Meghan clench hands while talking about the Queen during Oprah interview on CBS on Mar. 7
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Many family members were reportedly relieved that Prince Harry attended King Charles' Coronation solo this year. According to the couple, Meghan remained in Montecito for Prince Archie's fourth birthday. 

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