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Woman Accused of Stabbing Fiancé Says She Tried to Sew Him Back Up 

She claims she blacked out during the attack.

A Texas woman accused of stabbing her fiancé to death said she blacked out during the attack, then tried to stitch the mortally wounded man up, police said. Police said Liliana Cervantes, 25, stabbed Nathan Bryan Freeman, 32, with a butcher knife on March 20. She told authorities a bizarre story about what happened the night of the incident. "She woke up with water being splashed on her and the baby, and she blacked out again," an officer said in court, according to KTRK. "The next thing she remembers (is) trying to stitch the complainant up and calling 911." Read on to find out more, including what else happened that night and what Freeman's family members have to say. 

What First Responders Found


Paramedics pronounced Freeman dead at the scene. He had been stabbed three times, once in the chest. Authorities said that Cervantes appeared to be "highly intoxicated." When Houston police announced Freeman's death in a statement, they didn't name any suspects. Cervantes was arrested last Monday. Police have not yet suggested a motive.

Mother Says Things Seemed Fine

Liliana Cervantes/Facebook

Freeman's mother, Tessa Freeman, told KTRK he and Cervantes met through Facebook and were together for two years. They shared a six-month-old daughter. She said things seemed to be going well, and there were no signs of trouble in the relationship. "My husband and I went to visit them for Thanksgiving, and they seemed perfectly happy," she said. "We had dinner with her parents, and it was great. They just moved into the apartment. We had a great time."

Suspect Claims She Blacked Out


But authorities contend that Cervantes killed Freeman at their apartment in the Clear Lake area while their daughter and Cervantes' 4-year-old child from another relationship were at home. Homicide detectives found two large, bloody knives in the kitchen sink, KHOU reported. They questioned Cervantes, who said she and her fiancé had been drinking and arguing before she blacked out with their baby daughter next to her. Cervantes claims when she awoke later, she found Freeman standing by the front door covered in blood. When he fell to the floor, Cervantes said she ran to get towels to clean up the blood because she didn't want her 4-year-old son to see it. 

Started Sewing Instead of Calling Police

Houston Police Department

Instead of calling 911, Cervantes tried to find a needle and thread, detectives said. "During her statement, she talks about the fact that she finds him with a stab wound to the chest and starts sewing before calling the police and realizes there is too much blood and she is unable to actually sew the wound together," said Assistant District Attorney Anthony Osso.

Grandmother Will Fight for Custody


The baby and another child who were in the home the night of the murder are now with Cervantes' family. Tessa Freeman told local news outlets she is gearing up for a custody fight. "Since she is being charged, I want my grandbaby," Tessa Freeman told KTRK, hours after her son's funeral. "That is the only thing I have from my son." She doesn't buy Cervantes' story. "I don't believe her. I don't believe anything she says," Tessa Freeman added. "I think she was just making it up to try to cover her butt, so yeah, I got to get justice for my son now."

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