Disgraced Prince Andrew's Ex Reveals Why She Supported Him After Scandal

Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie, gushes over her ex-husband in new interview.

Shortly after Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors, Prince Andrew found himself a persona non-grata in the Royal Family, which only intensified when he was accused of sexual assault himself by Virginia Giuffre. While most people turned their backs on the once-esteemed Prince or at least put him at arm's length, one surprising person welcomed him with open arms: His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The Duchess of York, more commonly referred to as Fergie, even moved back in with her former husband after the scandal, something that confused even royal experts. However, in a new interview, the mother of Prince Andrew's children reveals why she opted to support him. 

She Maintains That Queen Elizabeth Was "More of a Mother" Than Her Own Mother

Sarah Ferguson at the Children's Charity Fundraising Ball at Battersea Evolution in London

According to the 63-year-old, the reason why she embraced her former husband has to do more with her former mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, than anything else. "Queen Elizabeth was more of a mother to me than my own mother," Ferguson tells The Telegraph

"She understood all of it. Everything. And it wasn't even about forgiving, but a way of life. Duty, sense of purpose, but of course never judgment," the Duchess continues. She will always be grateful to have had "even a minute of HM's [Her Majesty's] time'" Ferguson tells the publication. 

"Because also, during the last three years, her poor son [Prince Andrew] has been going through such a tumultuous time, and I think HM was very relieved I could help her with him, so we became even closer, then," the Duchess maintains. 

She Thinks It's "Really Sad to See What Andrew Has Been Through"


When asked to explain why the family has gotten closer since Andrew's demise, Ferguson asks the interviewer how they would feel if their daughter fell over at school. "You want to say: 'Get up, come on, it's fine!' You don't want her to be hurting. And I think it's really sad to see what Andrew has been through," she says. 

The Duchess believes that Queen Elizabeth left her responsible for Prince Andrew when she passed. "She knew," Ferguson confirms. "I will always be there. Always. Because I love her."

Ferguson and Andrew "Have an Amazing Understanding of One Another"

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Fergie, who lives with Andrew at Royal Lodge, where they take care of the Queen's surviving corgies, explains that their divorce is amicable. "I think we have an amazing mutual understanding of one another," she says. "We've always been like that. Also, we both hate confrontation."

Ferguson doesn't believe it is true that "women getting it worse than men," she explains. "Perception is… so important. It can make or break someone. And I'm living with someone – at least when I'm in England and lucky enough to be a guest at Royal Lodge – and I see what that perception has done to a very kind man. I really mean that."

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Ferguson Gushes Over What an Amazing Grandfather Andrew Is

Prince Andrew

She also gushes over what an amazing grandfather Andrew is. "It's just amazing how good a grandfather Andrew is," the Duchess says. "To the point that I've got FOMO," she adds. "That I worry he's a better grandparent than me! And it's lovely to see after what he's been through. He was always very good with his mum, who adored him. And now he's very good as a grandfather."

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