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Queen Elizabeth Felt "Devastated," "Bewildered," and "Disappointed" by Prince Harry and Meghan Betrayal, Expert Claims

Queen Elizabeth was less than pleased with the couple in her final months

Ever since Prince Harry first introduced Meghan Markle to the world as his girlfriend, there has been quite a bit of drama and controversy surrounding the couple. There has also been a good deal of speculation about the couple's relationship with all of the members of the Royal Family, from Harry's brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Princess Kate, to his father, King Charles, and the late Queen Elizabeth.

However, abiding by Royal protocol, the family (minus Harry and Meghan) have remained relatively tight-lipped on the subject matter. Now, according to a new report from The Telegraph, insiders have revealed exactly how the Queen felt about Harry and Meghan's dramatic "Megxit" from the United Kingdom—and don't miss the biggest royal scandals of all time.

The Royal Family Is Allegedly Exasperated with Harry and Meghan

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As Prince Harry's highly anticipated tell-all memoir, Spare, nears its publication date and the premiere of the couple's bombshell Netflix series looms, royal sources maintain that the family just wants the whole drama to end. The pervading feeling is one of exasperation. What on earth can they have left to say? "Enough is surely enough," they told the publication. 

Queen Elizabeth Was Allegedly Not Pleased with Their Behavior

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The Telegraph spoke to a number of sources to piece together exactly what happened over the last few months of Queen Elizabeth's life and how she felt about Harry and Meghan's actions and intentions. While she publicly described them as "much loved members of the family," sources maintain that she was less than pleased about their media war against her family. 

The Queen and Prince Philip Were Allegedly Sick When the Oprah Interview Aired

Harry and Meghan clench hands while talking about the Queen during Oprah interview on CBS on Mar. 7
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When Harry and Meghan dropped their bombshell Oprah interview on March 7, 2021, Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, was in the hospital. The Queen herself was also in poor health, although it wasn't public knowledge at the time. Per Gyles Brandreth's newly published biography, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, she had been diagnosed with a form of myeloma and was experiencing a host of symptoms keeping her from public engagements. 

Allegedly, The Timing "Could Not Have Been More Insensitive"


The late Queen not only knew the Duke's health was failing but also her own. It became clear that she was on borrowed time as she began to tie up loose ends. That's what made the Sussexes' behavior doubly challenging to deal with. The timing could not have been more insensitive," said an insider. 

She Was Allegedly "Devastated," 'Bewildered," and "Disappointed"

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

While she continued her public narrative that "Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members," in private, according to sources, she was "devastated," "bewildered," and "disappointed" in their actions. 

Everyone Had Allegedly "Bend Over Backwards for the Couple"


Insiders added that she repeatedly questioned why they were persisting in attacking the very institution "that had given them so much" and maintained that "everyone had bent over backwards for the couple," not neglected them when Meghan was experiencing mental health woes. 

The Queen Allegedly Did Not Want Meghan at Philip's Funeral


According to sources, the Queen did not want Markle at her husband's funeral. "Thank goodness Meghan isn't coming," she said, per Tom Bower. "You only have to look at the Sandringham agreement to see what the late Queen's thinking was. She approved their total expulsion from royal life. She wouldn't have done that if she had a wholly benign attitude towards them," he said. 

The Tell-All Allegedly Made Things Even Worse


While things were seemingly improving after the couple settled in America, the news of Harry's tell-all didn't settle well with the Queen. "News of the book changed everything," said one source. "It set back any hope of a reconciliation because  there is a limit to what you can discuss with someone you suspect is taking notes of every conversation." 

She Allegedly Felt Attacked by Them

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She was also offended when Harry gave his recent interview that he hoped the Queen was "protected" and had "the right people around her." According to those close to the situation, the only people the Queen felt she needed protection from were Harry and Meghan. "While the couple always tried to separate the monarch from the institution, the late Queen never saw it that way," said a former aide. 

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