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Disgraced Prince Andrew is "Bewildered" After Being Left Nothing From Queen's Inheritance and is Ready to Reveal All, Insiders Claim

He is reportedly waiting for his brother to divvy up his mother’s estate.

After Prince Andrew was forced to step down as a working member of the Royal Family, his status in the Royal Family majorly changed. He can no longer participate in royal events or ceremonies in any capacity other than as a guest. He also doesn't get public financial support and had to turn over all his royal patronages.

However, he is still the son of the late Queen and the younger brother of the current King, giving him access to personal inheritance after his mother's death. But according to new reports, Prince Andrew has yet to receive a dime, and he is angry and "bewildered" about it.  

The Queen Passed the Duchy of Lancaster to Charles


While the Queen's £650 million ($786 million) Duchy of Lancaster estate was automatically left to King Charles, Andrew expected that his brother would divide up the estate among his siblings. However, he has yet to do so. A source tells The Daily Mail that the fortune passes directly "from monarch to monarch" because that was the most "tax-efficient" way to transfer it.

The Daily Mail quotes a palace source claiming Andrew feels "despair" and "resentment" about the situation. "Andrew is in despair. He's been left completely in the dark. Andrew's a member of the family, for God's sake, yet he had no idea this was coming. I gather he's checked it out and it's true. It's all gone 'monarch to monarch,'" a royal insider said.

Things Are Going "From to Worse," Insider Claims


"What's he meant to do? Go cap in hand to his older brother to keep a roof over his head?" the source continues. "Things are going from bad to worse. It's a disaster."

While the other members of the family are supported by public funds, Andrew is currently relying on his brother for help. He is currently living at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, where he has to pay the refurbishment costs of the historic building. 

According to other reports, King Charles is cutting Prince Andrew's annual £249,000 allowance from the Duchy of Lancaster. However, per royal sources, the King will not leave his brother "homeless or penniless." 

Charles Also Evicted Andrew From His Office


The King recently evicted Andrew from his office at Buckingham Palace. "Any presence at the palace is officially over," a source told The Sun. "The King has made it clear. He isn't a working royal. He's on his own."

The Sun also revealed earlier this year that Prince Andrew had been stripped of his £3 million-a-year ($3.6 million), 24-hour armed security. Instead, his brother will pay for private security. 

A source told the publication that Prince Andrew is likely taking this latest development hard. "It is a shattering blow to his ego," they said. "Made worse by the fact if he cannot afford it, he'd be cap in hand begging for money from his older brother."

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Prince Andrew May Write a Memoir, Sources Say

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Sources have recently told The Daily Beast that Prince Andrew "may have to write a memoir" in order to pay his own way. "He has done everything he has been asked to do. He settled the lawsuit, he kept a low profile, he hasn't complained. His mother always valued his loyalty. She would be aghast at his allowance being reduced. He may have to write a memoir," the source tells the publication. 

"It's being talked about regularly," the friend continues. "Sarah has had real success with her books and has great publishing contacts. Harry's book has proved that there is no shortage of appetite for stories about the royal family. Why shouldn't Andrew tell his side of the story now his mother is gone?"

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