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Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Shooting Girlfriend Who Didn't Want to Have His Baby

A San Antonio, Texas man has been arrested.

It isn't uncommon for couples to disagree about whether or not to have a baby. However, according to a new report, one man felt so strongly about parenthood that he was willing to kill for it. A San Antonio, Texas man has been arrested for shooting and killing his girlfriend. The reason behind the accused crime? He wanted to have a baby with her but she wasn't on board with starting a family with him. 

Jade Alyssa Alvarez Was Found Dead


According to the San Antonio Police Department on Thursday, April 6 Jade Alyssa Alvarez, 22, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. An officer found the body around 6:30 am while patrolling the area. 

A Woman Who Had Been with Her Told Police She Had Been Dating Adam Byrd

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According to the affidavit and KENS5, a woman who had been with the victim the night before the shooting told police Alvarez had been dating 23-year-old Adam Byrd. That night he had been talking on the phone with Alvarez, who was using the woman's phone. He asked her to drop her off on Capitol Avenue, the location where her body was found hours later. 

Days Earlier He Robbed a Store at Gunpoint Using the Same Gun


Just days earlier on April 1, Byrd robbed a store at gunpoint. There was an active arrest warrant for two counts of aggravated robbery when he was arrested for killing Alvarez. Byrd confessed to shooting his girlfriend with the same gun used in the store robbery. 

The Two Were Arguing Over Having Children


"Byrd admitted to shooting and killing Alvarez, using the same gun as he did in the robbery," reports KENS, citing an affidavit. "They were reportedly having an argument because he wanted to have a baby with the victim, and she did not. Eventually, she was shot and killed, and he is said to have taken off."

He Has Been Arrested and Charged with Both Crimes

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Police maintain that Byrd offered up details about the murder that were consistent with the evidence. Byrd has been charged with both the murder and April 1 robbery. He is being held in the Bexar County Jail on a combined $400,000 bond. 

Alvarez Was a Mother

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Alvarez "worked in the food industry and planned on attending college in the fall," according to her obituary. She was the mother of a 3-year-old son.

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