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Man Walks Up to Police, Casually Confesses He Killed a Woman

“I had an accident last night,” the Ohio man told officers last week.

An Ohio man was charged with murder after walking up to police officers and casually telling them he fatally shot a woman in the chest on March 26 in what police called an "unusual" case. Brian E. Mason, 58, of Miami County, Ohio, was charged with murder in the shooting death of Michelle L. Elliott, 57, of Union Township, Ohio. Mason's encounter with police in Miamisburg, Ohio, on March 27 was caught on body camera video. "I had an accident last night," he said in the video. Here's what you need to know about this odd case.

Who Is Brian Mason?

Miamisburg Police Department

Mason told officers he was living in his car. He said he was helping Elliott when the shooting happened. "I was showing an old friend of mine how to use this gun that she asked for, and it went off, and I shot her in the chest," Mason told officers nonchalantly.

Who Died?

Miamisburg Police Department

Elliott lived in a house on North Montgomery County Line Road in Union, where deputies found her body lying in a pool of blood. Mason said Elliott was a friend from high school and that she had asked him for advice on guns. She "wanted a different firearm to have at her household because she felt unsafe," he told officers.

What Happened

Miamisburg Police Department

Mason told police that he went to Elliott's house on the evening of March 26 to show her his .40-caliber handgun. While doing so, the gun went off, striking Elliott once in the chest. Mason panicked, covered Elliott's body with a blanket, and left the house, he told police. He drove around the area in his pickup truck all night before going to the Miamisburg Police Department, about 25 miles south of Elliott's house, he said. It was in the parking lot that he approached officers.

What Happened Next

Miamisburg Police Department

"I wouldn't be here voluntarily, but I've been so scared since it happened," Mason said in the video. Miami County sheriff's deputies went to the house and found Elliott's body. Meanwhile, Miamisburg police held Mason for the sheriff's office, who eventually arrested him. Law enforcement officials searched Elliott's house and Mason's truck and phone and also took DNA samples.

Mason was arraigned on March 28 on a murder charge in Miami County Municipal Court. He pleaded not guilty to the charge. His bail was set at $1 million.

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