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Jailed Woman Asked Inmates to Kill Her Parents, Grandparents and Prosecutor, Sheriff Says

Tureygua Inaru was already incarcerated on other charges when she sought help.

A woman who was jailed in Osceola County, Florida, was accused Monday of soliciting fellow inmates to kill her parents and grandparents to win a $2 million inheritance. Tureygua Inaru, 29, of Orlando, Florida, was also accused of using social media to send death threats to Assistant State Attorney Peter Francis Donnelly, who is prosecuting her on earlier charges, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook. Inaru was charged with three counts of solicitation to premeditated murder and one count of cyberstalking in connection with a murder-for-hire plot. Here's what you need to know about this weird crime.

Who Is Tureygua Inaru?

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Inaru has been jailed without bond since December in the Osceola County Department of Corrections. She was initially arrested on suspicion of aggravated stalking and threatening to kill co-workers at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez said.

Whom Did She Target?


Inaru is accused of trying to enlist two fellow inmates to kill her parents, whom she said were wealthy, for a $2 million inheritance upon their deaths, according to a court document. Her parents were not identified. She also targeted prosecutor Donnelly, saying she "wanted him to suffer" and didn't care if his family died, too, according to the court document.

What Happened


"Once she got to the jail, she befriends her cellmates and starts talking about wanting her parents, her grandparents killed, that she would pay them up to $50,000 saying they were very wealthy and she gave the address," Lopez said. Inaru is accused of giving inmates instructions on how to make the killings look like a robbery and how to get away with it, according to court documents. "One of the inmates had some notes about how seriously this individual was trying to plan this out," Lopez said. Inaru is also accused of saying that if she couldn't find someone to carry out the hits, she would "gladly do it herself."

What Happened Next

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The inmates told a corrections officer about Inaru's plans, Lopez said. The sheriff's office in January sent a detective undercover as an inmate to Inaru's jail cell, where she is accused of telling the detective about her hatred of Donnelly but denying trying to hire a hit man. Inaru told investigators later that she plotted to have her family wiped out, according to court documents. She accused her mother and father of molesting her and her siblings when they were children. One family member reportedly told law enforcement officials that Inaru "needs mental health help."

What's Next

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Inaru remains jailed without bond. A court hearing is scheduled for May. Inaru asked a judge his name in a court appearance this week. When he offered it, she reportedly responded, "Good to know."

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