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Florida Man Confesses to Murder Because He Was "Tired of Dealing With" Victim, Say Deputies

He's being held in a local jail.

A Florida man confessed to murdering another man because he was just "tired of dealing with him," police said this week. Kristopher Charles Amore, 24, has been charged with second-degree murder. He's being held in a local jail without bond. Read on to find out more about the case, including what brought police to the house, and what they found once they arrived. 

Neighbor Called Police

Hernando County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office said they were called to a house in Spring Hill, Florida, on Sunday at around 4:30 p.m. for a wellness check. "The caller, a neighbor, believed something may be wrong, as there had been no activity at the residence since the day prior," officers wrote in a report. When deputies arrived, they made their way through the house to the master bedroom. There, they "observed obvious signs of a struggle," the report said. "In the master bathroom, deputies located the deceased body of an adult male."

Officers Thought Suspect Was Dead

Hernando County Sheriff's Office

When deputies searched the other rooms in the house, they found Amore in a second-floor bedroom, authorities said. "Initially, the male did not respond to attempts at verbal communication," deputies said. Suspecting he was also dead, the officers checked on him. "During this time, the male began communicating with deputies," the sheriff's report said.

"Tired of Dealing With Him"


The deputies said they took Amore out of the home in handcuffs. In an interview with detectives, he allegedly said he killed the person because he was "tired of dealing with him." The victim's name has not been released. Authorities didn't provide further details about the relationship between the victim and his alleged killer. The investigation is ongoing.

Another Domestic Dispute Earned Headlines

Hernando County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Spring Hill was in the headlines last November, when police encountered what they called a double murder-suicide in a 55+ community in the area. Sheriff Al Nienhuis said deputies were first called to a home on Heathrow Avenue for a domestic dispute. Family members were trying to make another family member move out. Deputies explained the eviction process and said all three family members agreed "the issue was over," authorities said. The deputy then left the scene. "I actually talked to the deputy this morning and he said, real nice people, everybody was calm, they all decided to work it out and he was done with that call," Nienhuis told WFLA the following day. 

"Put the Gun Down"


Three hours later, deputies returned to the house after a 911 dispatcher received a call. She heard what she believed to be a gunshot, followed by the caller screaming and asking the male to "put the gun down." Deputies found three people dead in the home, all of whom were related. Detectives believe the male homeowner shot both female residents before turning the firearm on himself.

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