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Drunk Florida Man Takes Shower, Steals Uniform, and Causes Flood After Breaking Into Police Department

He was wandering in a towel for almost an hour.

An intoxicated man in Florida broke into a police station, stole a uniform, took a shower, then flooded the place, authorities said. NBC 2 reported that Joseph Moulton, 36, sat in an unlocked patrol cruiser outside the Naples Police Department for a few minutes before hiding in some bushes to avoid detection as he began his run of chaos. Read on to find out exactly what he did, how he did it, and why officers didn't catch him until more than five hours later.

After Flooding, A Leisurely Shower


According to the police report, Moulton took a water hose and shoved the nozzle underneath the west door, then turned the water on, causing at least an inch of flood damage. After that, the report says, Moulton entered the building and found way to the men's locker room, where he took a shower and helped himself to tactical gear—a uniform shirt, pants, cap and a bulletproof vest worth $900. 

Wandered, Sometimes In a Towel, for 40 Minutes


But that wasn't all: The police report says Moulton wandered the hallways in only a towel, defecated on the women's bathroom floor, and threw a police radio in the toilet. He spent about 40 minutes in the building undetected, leaving at 12:39 a.m.

Around 2 a.m., an officer realized something was off when he found his gym bag on a table in the break room, said Naples Police Lt. Bryan McGinn. Security camera footage revealed Moulton's antics throughout the building. Officers found his wallet in the patrol car and began to search for him.

Arrested and Charged


After leaving the station, Moulton made his way to the nearest 7-Eleven, where an employee called the police around 1 a.m. after becoming suspicious of the seemingly intoxicated man. About five hours later, police found and arrested him.

During his interview, Moulton admitted being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana and was unable to remember what he did, authorities said. Moulton is being charged with grand theft and two counts of burglary, according to online court records. He was released on $30,000 bail. 

How Did This Happen?


The area where Moulton allegedly roamed is unstaffed at night, McGinn told Inside Edition. Officers in other parts of the building didn't hear or see anything. "Officers and detectives are to be commended for their thorough initial investigation, which led to the apprehension of this brazen individual," he said.

WINK News reported that the Naples Police Department said they're reviewing the department's security measures. They also say they've fortified the door Moulton used to get inside the building. But the investigation as to how a drunk guy was able to breach the police station is ongoing.

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"Full Force of Our Laws"

Naples Police Department

"Investigators are looking into the root cause … that perhaps this individual just pulled on the door. There may be some other issues at play here," Naples City Councilman Terry Hutchison told WINK.

"There are places that individuals might want to try these kinds of things. The City of Naples is not that place. You don't want to come here and practice crime, I can assure you," said Hutchison. "I believe that we'll probably use the full force of our laws to remedy the situation and ensure that this individual is held accountable."

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