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Overdosing Driver Causes Chaos After Rolling Through Rush-Hour Traffic

Dash cam video shows car swerving.

A Florida driver who "appeared to be unconscious at the wheel" caused chaos when his car entered evening rush-hour traffic on a six-lane highway, and the whole thing was caught on a deputy's dashcam. Around 6 pm on April 14, Sheriff's Deputy G. Pereira was on his way to work when he saw a Honda Civic driving erratically in front of him, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. The vehicle was weaving dramatically and threatened to plow into oncoming traffic. Read on to find out what happened. 

Dash Cam Video Shows Car Swerving

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The dash cam video, shared on Facebook, shows the car weaving and occasionally swerving off the road into the grass. The driver is then seen driving on the center median, where he ran over traffic signs.

When the car headed into the opposing traffic lane, the deputy ran his car into the side of the Civic. "Fearful the driver may cause a serious crash, and to prevent him from hurting or killing anyone, Deputy Pereira used a pit maneuver to stop the vehicle," officials said.

Suspect Was "Practically Unresponsive" Behind the Wheel

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Footage from the deputy's body cam showed the driver was "practically unresponsive and had to be removed from the vehicle and placed on the ground," officials said. The 31-year-old driver was revived with a medication used for opioid overdoses, the affidavit says. 

He was taken to a hospital for evaluation and later charged with DUI, possession of fentanyl, and possession of marijuana.

Social Media Reacts

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The 90-second video has attracted hundreds of comments. "That's insanity! So thankful Deputy spotted this guy. Hope he gets the help he needs," one commenter wrote. "It's a miracle he didn't hurt or kill someone!" another commenter said.

"That's terrifying for other drivers on the road. Thank you for taking him off the streets and preventing a worse outcome!" another said.

Wild NYC Chase Caught on Camera


It was a busy week for wild police chases nationwide. In New York City, a driver went on a "demolition derby" in busy Midtown Manhattan when he attempted to evade police by plowing through an outdoor dining shed, WNBC reported. When officers tried to pull the man over for an improper lane change, he showed them fake documents and took off.

Police caught up with the car, but he threw it into reverse, knocking an officer to the ground. The driver then sped away, knocking down traffic signs and toppling a fire hydrant.  The suspect, 56-year-old Benjamin Abrams, ultimately escaped on foot and has yet to be found.

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Slowest Getaway Ever?


And in Montgomery County, Maryland, a man in a stolen car led police on a chase early on Apr. 21, then ditched the car and attempted to get away on a city bus, officials said. News helicopters followed the pursuit.  During the chase, the stolen black Kia drove over a median and blew out its tires before continuing onto the highway. Police then called off the pursuit.

The driver of the Kia got out of the vehicle and walked to a bus stop, where he boarded a Metrobus. A helicopter from local station Fox 5 followed the bus and alerted Montgomery County authorities. Police caught up with the suspect at a nearby stop and took him into custody. 

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