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Well-Dressed Thieves Steal Millions in Brazen Daylight Jewelry Robbery

The Piaget Paris store was robbed on Tuesday, with up to $16 million in items stolen

The stereotypical image of bank or jewelry robbers involves an all-black outfit with masks on. However, a clever group of thieves realized the best way to go incognito during a jewel theft, is to blend in with the shoppers. According to a new report, a group of Parisian cons dressed up in elegant clothes and robbed a luxury jewelry and watch store in broad daylight 

A Woman in a Green Dress and Two Men in Suits Robbed the Paris Piaget Boutique


This week, a group of thieves got dressed up in elegant clothes and stole up to $16 million worth of luxury items at the Piaget boutique in the Rue de la Paix. A woman wore a green dress and the two men, in grey suits, threatened staff with a handgun. "Two men in suits and a woman in a dress were responsible," an investigating source said, per The Daily Mail

They "Calmly Walked" In and "Threatened Staff with a Gun"


One of the employees opened the display cases while the others were told to lie down in the back of the shop. After robbing the store, they fled on foot with $11 and $16 million worth of goods. "They calmly walked into the Piaget store and then threatened staff with a gun with a silencer on the barrel," the source said. "Everyone at the back of the store was forced on to the ground, and the robbers then forced a member of staff to open the display windows, and a trunk where some of the most expensive pieces are kept."

They "Fled on Foot"


Authorities believe that the thieves were of South American origin and may have had motorcycles in walking distance. No shots were fired and there were no injuries. "Once they had enough jewelry, the raiders fled on foot, and then possibly got on to two-wheelers nearby," the source added. 

The Thieves Have Yet to Be Identified


The Paris prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into the armed robbery. The three thieves have yet to be identified by police.

Other Luxury Stores Have Been Robbed in the Area


There have been multiple robberies in the second arrondissement recently, per Agence France Presse. Bulgari, another luxury store close by, was robbed of millions worth of jewelry this spring. In 2022, a nearby temporary Chanel store on the same streets was robbed of millions of dollars worth of luxury goods by four armed thieves. 


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