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Memorize Anything Instantly With This Simple 4-Step Method From a Medical Doctor

Dr. Sarah Rav claims a simple hack helps you memorize information fast.

While some people claim to have a photographic memory, many others struggle when it comes to memorization. However, one person with an impressive medical degree claims to know the secret to remembering everything from words and facts to numbers and dates. And she claims that her simple hack that is quickly going viral only involves four steps. 

Doctor, Shares Study and Productivity Tips


Dr. Sarah Rav, an Australian medical doctor and lifestyle influencer, boasts over 1.9 million followers on TikTok. A lot of her page is dedicated to sharing study and productivity tips. 

Her Four-Step Memorization Process Went Viral


Dr. Rav recently went viral, detailing a four-step process that helps her memorize information. She shared it on her page, and her followers maintain that it actually works. 

You Can "Memorize Anything Instantly" with the Hack, She Claims


"Memorize anything instantly with this hack!" Dr. Rav claims in the subtitles of the video. "It's scary how well this works," she said.

First Step: Read the Material and Visualize It


The first step of the process involves reading the material you hope to memorize. Dr. Rav instructs you to do it in your head.

Second Step: Read It Outloud


The next step after reading it in your head is to "read it out loud," she says in the video. 

Third Step: Close Your Eyes and Say It Outloud From Memory


The third step? "Close your eyes and say it out loud from memory," Dr. Rav writes in the subtitles. 

Fourth Step: Write It Down From Memory


The fourth and final step is to "write it down from memory," she says.

She Claims That It Helps Memorize Things Instantly


"This memory hack is INSANE! Use it to memorize all your school work INSTANTLY and get ahead," Dr. Rav added in the caption of the viral video, which has been viewed more than 2.1 million times. 

Her Followers Claims It Works

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Dr. Rav's followers were quick to endorse the method. "I usually do that…and let me tell y'all…it works," one person commented. "I do this all the time and passed all my exams," another noted. 

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Others Say That It Might Not Be "Efficient" for Heavier Workloads


Others asked whether the hack could be used with a heavy workload, like if they had "120 pages to study." "It really works but [it is] not efficient if you have a lot to study," someone responded. 

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