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Lori Vallow Learns Fate After Murders of 2 of Her Children, Husband's First Wife

A judge hands down the “most serious punishment” he can. 

The Lori Vallow trial has been one of the most captivating court trials of the year. The "doomsday mom," found guilty of killing her 16-year-old daughter Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old son Joshua "JJ" Vallow and conspiring to kill her husband's ex-wife, Tammy Daybell, was back in court on Monday for her sentencing. Here is what you need to know about what happened in court, how long she will go away for, and the heart-wrenching statements made by the loved ones of the victims. 

Judge Steven Boyce Handed Down Multiple Life Sentences Without Parole

Freemont Courtroom

Judge Steven Boyce handed down multiple life sentences for cult mom Lori Vallow without the possibility of parole for the murders of her children Tylee and JJ, and for conspiring to commit murder in the death of Chad Daybell's former wife Tammy Daybell. She will serve a life sentence for the murder of each child and for each conspiracy to commit murder for each child and for Tammy Daybell. She was sentenced to five years fixed and five years indeterminate for the Grand theft charge.

She "Committed the More Serious Crimes Possible and Those Crimes Deserve the Most Serious Punishment"

Madison County Jail

"You killed those children to remove them as obstacles and profit financially. You justified all this to go down a bizarre religious rabbit hole and clearly you are still there," Boyce said to her. "You moved to Rexburg – a community where you could find 1,000 random families to take your children – and you brought them here to murder them. You had so many other options. You chose the most evil and destructive path possible. You've been convicted of and committed the more serious crimes possible and those crimes deserve the most serious punishment."

Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood Claims That Someone "Willing to Murder Her Own Children Is Willing to Murder Anyone"

Zoom/East Idaho News

Attorney Rob Wood gave his recommendation. "In Idaho alone, she was involved in three murders within the space of six weeks. The court can acknowledge she faces two charges of conspiracy to commit murder in Maricopa County," he said. "This defendant violated the most sacred trust that exists in society and she did it for gain. She did it for money. A defendant who is willing to murder her own children is willing to murder anyone."

She Placed "a Value of Zero on These Lives"


"What is the value of a human life? What is the value of a 16-year-old girl with her life ahead of her? What is the value of a 7-year-old with special needs? What is the life of a grandmother and mother?" he added. "The defendant placed a value of zero on these lives…We echo the sentiments made in the victim impact statements." 

He Recommends a "Sentence of Life Without Parole"

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"There is literally zero evidence that she has remorse or responsibility," he said. He concluded that "Only a sentence of life without parole is acceptable."

Tammy's Aunt Felt Lori "Was Shameful" During the Trial

Courtesy Vicki Hoban

Vicki Hoban, Tammy Daybell's aunt, was granted special permission to speak following the death of Tammy's mother in June. "I felt (Lori) was shameful during the trial. It was apparent to me and others she did not take the proceedings seriously. Her smirking, her smiling, giggling, talking…" she said adding that she participated in the "savage murders of precious people" and "wanted money, sex and more power and what Lori wants, Lori gets." 

Tammy's Sister Said Lori Says, "I Hope to Never Think of You"


Samantha Gwilliam, sister of Tammy Daybell, told Lori Vallow that she ripped their family apart. "You could have easily divorced your spouses and live your perverted life….You've never met me and I don't know you but I've always been able to tell when I've been lied to. You are a liar, an adulterer and a murderer. (Tammy) was 1000x the woman you will ever be," she said. "I am not a dark person or a zombie. For me and my family to be presented that way is unacceptable. Everyone knows what liars you are. They now know what horrible things you have done. I miss my sister every day. I will grieve for her and my mother ever day. I will always remember them but I choose to forget you. As I leave this courtroom today, I hope to never think of you."

JJ's Grandmother Called Lori a "Money-Hungry Monster"

Fox 10

JJ's grandma Kay Woodcock called Lori a "money-hungry monster" during her victim impact statement. "She could have been free to be Chad's mistress and foot the bill with money from spilled blood. JJ and Tylee could have lived with us and had wonderful lives," she said. "She has shown no grief for the lives she took and the pain she caused. Today I take the power back. I pray my words will assist you. My sincerest hope is they will seriously be contemplated."  She continued: "Today marks 1,481 days that have been filled with terror.' Kay said, noting that Lori Vallow waited to tell Charles Vallow's kids after he was killed. This was the beginning of her cruel campaign of terror."

Colby Ryan, Lori's Son, Said He "Watched Everything Crumble and Be Shredded to Pieces" After the Murder of His Siblings


Lori Vallow's son Colby Ryan said in a written statement, read by attorney Rob Wood, that he he "watched everything crumble and be shredded to pieces" after the murders of his siblings Tylee and JJ. "Tylee will never be able to have the life she deserves. JJ will never have the chance to grow up. My girls will never have the chance to know him in this life. My siblings and father deserve so much more than this. I want them to be remembered for who they were – not a headline," he said. 

She Has 42 Days to Appeal the Sentence

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Vallow can appeal the sentence to the Idaho Supreme Court. However, it must be done within 42 days, according to Judge Boyce.

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