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King Charles Silences Queen's Dresser With Gagging Order, Insiders Claim

Angela Kelly was gifted a house in exchange for her silence, sources say. 

What is the price of silence? It's no secret that high-profile people oftentimes pay to keep others quiet. Sometimes it can be hundreds of dollars, other times, millions. For King Charles, it is reportedly the cost of a new house. According to a new report, the King has shelled out some significant amount of money to prevent his mother's former dresser, Angela Kelly, author of The Other Side Of The Coin: The Queen, The Dresser And The Wardrobe, from telling any more royal secrets.  

The King Made a Deal with Angela Kelly, Source Claims


The Mail on Sunday reports that the King recently made a deal with Kelly, preventing her from writing about the Royal family. According to the report, he also paid for her to move far away from the Royals. 

She Has Been Reportedly Banned "From Sharing Royal Secrets"

Queen Elizabeth II

"The King has struck a deal with the late Queen's dresser banning her from sharing Royal secrets in exchange for a new life in the North," they reported. 

"Angela Kelly, one of the late Queen's closest confidantes, has been allowed to choose a new grace-and-favour home after being forced to move out of the Windsor estate."

She Signed a New NDA, According to Source


According to the publication, a senior Palace aide struck up the deal with Kelly, having her sign a new non-disclosure agreement in return for agreeing to put down her pen on all things royal-related.

She was reportedly permitted by Queen Elizabeth two write the first two books.

The Agreement Is Essentially a "Gagging Order" Per a Source


"A well-placed source dubbed the agreement a 'gagging order' that would make future earnings based on public revelations about the Royal family difficult. Under the terms of the agreement, Ms Kelly is prevented from using the words 'King' and 'Palace' for commercial purposes," they said. 

Kelly Confirmed the Move on Social Media


Last week, Kelly was photographed moving her belongings out of her Grade II-listed grace-and-favour cottage in Berkshire, near Windsor Palace.

"Getting ready to say goodbye. I am moving at last to my new home, which I will be able to call My Home at last," she captioned an Instagram post. 

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