King Charles and Kate Middleton in Jealous War After "Shameful" Flower Show Incident: Sources

Royals in a “war” over attending the same event on the same day.

Royal are just like us: They have feelings. Amongst the range of feels experienced by the crown-wearing sect? Jealousy. In fact, according to reports swirling this week, King Charles, the highest-ranking member of the Royal Family, recently experienced envy and resentment in the most negative way when his daughter-in-law, Princess Kate, upstaged him at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Here is everything you need to know about the reported family feud. 

There Are Reports That King Charles Was Upset That Princess Kate "Upstaged" Him


According to a new report from The Daily Beast, King Charles was upset after being "upstaged" by Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton. She supposedly attended the big event on the same day as him, stealing away his thunder. 

A Friend of the King Says He "Has a Right to Be Annoyed"


"Charles is unlikely to be amused," a friend of the king's told The Daily Beast, according to Royal Correspondent Tom Sykes. "Gardens are very much his thing, and given that it was always his mother's big pre-Trooping the Colour day out, I think he has a right to be annoyed."

A Friend of Kate's Disagrees


A friend of Kate's disagreed with the initial report from The Daily Mail quoting a Palace source as saying it was "a shame" that Charles and Camilla's visit "received less coverage than might have been expected" and suggested they might be "disappointed."

She Says the Reports Are "Pathetic"

Kate Middleton wearing hat in winter outdoors.

"It's pathetic. It's the media whipping up another feud. Kate has been going to Chelsea Flower Show with her family since before she was a royal, and she often used to go as well as the Queen [Elizabeth] in recent years. It wasn't a secret that she was going," the friend dished to The Daily Beast

She Adds That "Kate Doesn't Need Permission" to Go to Events

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) visit Auckland's Viaduct Harbour during their New Zealand tour on April 11, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

 "William and Kate are now very senior figures as the coronation made clear. Charles wouldn't have needed the queen's permission to attend the Chelsea Flower Show and Kate doesn't need Charles' permission to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. It's a massive storm in a teacup. Charles couldn't care less," the friend added. 

Another One of the King's Friends Says It Was Miscommunication and Isn't a "New War"


However, another friend of the King maintains that communication wasn't clear. "It just looks ridiculous if they both turn up separately to the same event, and Charles understands that. It gives the media the chance to stir things up. But after everything he has been through with Harry over the past few years, Charles has an enormous appreciation for William and Catherine and the work they do. No one thinks this is the beginning of a new war between their courts," they said. 

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