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Instagram Model Used 21 Phone Numbers to Stalk Famous Sport Star

Woman harassed two other men with the handle “Devil Baby.”

A British TikTok model pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a monthslong campaign of stalking and harassment against a Premier League soccer star and his two friends in which she changed her phone number 21 times to get around attempts to block her. Orla Melissa Sloan, 21, spammed Chelsea player Mason Mount, 24, with messages after their relationship ended.

She also admitted to stalking Billy Gilmour, 21, and harassing Ben Chilwell, 26. Here's what you need to know about this Fatal Attraction-style incident.

Who Is Orla Melissa Sloan?

Orla Melissa Sloan/Instagram

Sloan is from the English city of Exeter and is a TikTok and Instagram model. She met Mount at a party at Chilwell's house in November 2020.

Who Was Harassed?


Mount plays soccer for the Chelsea and England teams. Chilwell is his teammate on both teams. Gilmour is a player for Brighton & Hove Albion. Sloan and Mount were in touch for about six months before Mount ended the relationship.

What Happened

Orla Melissa Sloan/Instagram

Sloan, who used the handle "Devil Baby," pleaded guilty to the stalking of Gilmour in September and October 2022. She also admitted stalking Mount from June to October and harassing Chilwell in October. She bombarded Mount with messages after their breakup.

"He then began to receive messages from new numbers, and each time he would block those numbers, there would be messages from a different number," prosecutor Jason Seetal said. She used a total of 21 different numbers.

What Happened Next


Gilmour said the messages had a "huge impact" on his life. "I have not been able to sleep and have had to take sleeping tablets," he said.

What's Next

Orla Melissa Sloan/Instagram

Sloan was released on bail pending sentencing. She is scheduled to be sentenced on June 20.

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