How to Become a Multi-Millionaire in Just 2 Years, According to This 36-Year-Old Woman

Codie Sanchez, 36, maintains there are 6 elements to getting rich quick.

The concept of getting rich quickly without having to work hard has been a favorite since the start of time. After all, who doesn't want to maximize their net worth while enjoying life as much as possible? One 36-year-old woman claims to know the secret to becoming a multimillionaire in just two years without having to work that hard. 

Codie Sanchez, 36, Left Her Corporate Job to Become Her Own Boss


A former Goldman Sachs employee, Codie Sanchez, 36, claims she used to be a slave to a desk job. However, she left her 9-to-5 and became her own boss and now has a net worth of millions. 

She Claims She Knows the Secret to Success


Sanchez reveals her secrets on the podcast, The Diary of a CEO, hosted by Steve Bartlett. She claims that shifting her mindset, leaving people behind, and learning to make deals has been the key to her financial success. 

She Claims It Boils Down to a Handful of Things


Also, understanding the language of money, striving for shorter-term goals, and starting small, helped her become a multi-millionaire.

She Founded a Company Teaching People How to Become Rich


Sanchez, a former journalist and finance worker, actually founded a company called Contrarian Thinking, teaching people how to become rich. 

She Never Connected to Her Jobs


She says that while she respected the CEOs of the companies she worked for, including Vanguard and Goldman Sachs, she didn't have a connection to them. This led her to jump from company to company, working at five companies in ten years. 

First, Start Small


After feeling "trapped," she bought her first small business, a laundromat, hoping to "get out" of the corporate world. "Start with the small business that isn't the best business for you to learn long term, but they get you where you need to be," she suggested.

Second, Master the Art of Making Deals


She also says you need to master the art of making deals, and convincing others to trust you. 

Third, Speak the Language of Money


Net, become a pro at the language of money. "If you understand the language of finance and you can become an expert in it, expertise leads to a bunch of cash," she says. 

Fourth, Look for Investments


Also, you should seek things that will pay you back. "You can't save your way to wealth, you can only earn your way to wealth," she said. 

Fifth, Set Short-Term Goals


Make attainable goals, she adds. "If you have the three-year goal, think about out-of-the-box aspects to learn how to achieve it in six months," she said.

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Sixth, Leave People Behind

Close-up Of A Businessperson Carrying Cardboard Box During Office Meeting

Finally, it's okay with leaving people you have outgrown behind, she said, explaining that her loved ones initially questioned her choices. She suggested surrounding yourself with people who support your dreams. 

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