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How This Couple Lost 209 Pounds in 2 Simple Steps

Losing weight and keeping it off can be frustrating and complicated. So arduous, in fact, that the idea dissuades many people from trying—or trying again, as the pursuit often fails on the first attempt. But one Australian couple recently spoke to the Daily Mail with encouraging news. They've managed to lose a combined 209 pounds—and keep it off—in 18 months after making two easy lifestyle changes. Read on to find out they did it, and you can too.

"We Survived on Junk Food"


New South Wales residents Alisa and George confessed that they lived for unhealthy meals and snacks, often reaching for KFC at mealtimes and chocolate bars in between. "We were living such a bad lifestyle," said Alisa, adding the couple "survived on junk food."

A Common Story: Unlimited Portions, Emotional Eating


The pair never practiced portion control. They self-admittedly coped with mental health challenges by turning to food for comfort. "I was an emotional eater, and my weight really took a toll on my mental health, which then made me eat more chocolate," said Alisa. 

Daughter Bullied Over Her Parents' Weight


But ultimately, the couple had enough. Their eight-year-old daughter came home crying after being bullied in school for having "fat parents," and one of the last things Alisa heard from her dying grandmother was a negative comment about her weight. 

Irregular Schedule Partly to Blame


Complicating things: Alisa worked a night shift. Her day started at 3 a.m., which made it difficult to observe normal mealtimes and routines. "I'd get back from work around 8am, get the kids ready for school, and then cook some pasta and eat a block of chocolate," she said."

"We Loved Pasta…It Was Just Easier"


"We loved pasta—we ate a lot of spaghetti and lasagna dishes during the week," Alisa said. "It's so disgusting to think about now. Both my kids are special needs and have very specific dietary requirements, so it was just easier to get takeout or put on a pot of pasta or a frozen pizza." 

Just a Couple of Key Decisions

Man going on the scale looking at his weight

But the pair made two decisions. The easy switches in their daily routine helped them lose 74 pounds (Alisa) and 134 pounds (George), and so far, they've kept it off. 

"It Was Really Hard At First"


The pair ordered a meal-replacement shake after seeing it on TV and went on a walk the next day. "It was really hard at first, and I wasn't motivated at all," Alisa said. "I kept saying I wanted to start losing weight, but I didn't know how to start."

"I Noticed A Change the First Week"


That was about 18 months ago. "I noticed a change the first week," Alisa told the Daily Mail. "I'd lost 13 pounds by just going on walks, cutting out junk food, and eating grilled chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner. And within 12 weeks, my clothes were loose and started to fall off me."

Healthy Meal Substitutes


Alisa and George have kept up their walks and healthy eating. Alisa goes to the gym five or six times a week. The pair have replaced their previous starch-heavy meals with plant-forward substitutes, such as cauliflower or broccoli rice, zucchini pasta, and pizza with a cauliflower crust.

Unexpected Relationship Benefits


The mother of two said the pursuit has strengthened their bond as a couple. "'We've had so much time together as a couple, and it's really nice to have a few hours away from the kids every week," she said. "It's brought us so much closer together and we're so much happier and healthier."


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