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Costco Insider Reveals Secrets to Getting Insane Deals

Ryan Quinlan claims to have cracked the Costco pricing code. 

Costco shoppers are usually willing to buy mass quantities of their favorite items in exchange for saving a lot of money. However, what you might not know, is that there is an insider system that can help you get even better deals on everything from food and paper goods to appliances. One TikToker claims he has cracked the Costco code, revealing a secret pricing system to his followers. 

Ryan Quinlan Claims to Have Cracked the Costco Pricing Code


Ryan Quinlan, @butthatsmyopinion, shared a video revealing how to get the best details at Costco. The video quickly went viral and has been viewed over 1.3 million times. 

He Claims the Secret Has to Do with the Tag


He claims the secret to cracking the Costco pricing code has to do with what comes after the period on the pricing sign. "Never miss a great deal again," Quinlan captioned the video.

There Are "Patterns in Costco Pricing," He Says


"I had first learned about the rule after noticing patterns in Costco pricing," Quinlan told FOX Business.

There Is Also an Asterisk


"My wife and I enjoy going to Costco frequently and eventually when we noticed the little asterisk I wanted to know what it meant," he continued. 

If Something Doesn't End in $0.99 It's a Deal


He explained that he found an online forum where users explained the prices. "If you're at Costco and you see either the star or prices not ending in 99 cents, it may be an insane deal," said Quinlan.

$.99 Is Full Price


He says that prices that end in ".99" are considered to be a full price or regularly priced item.

$.97 Is a Store Manager Deal


However, anything ending in a ".97" is considered a "store manager deal." This means, "It's exclusive to that store and it's probably not gonna last long," he says. 

$.49 and $.79 Are a Manufacturer Special Offer


Prices ending in ".49" and ".79" mean they are a manufacturer special offer and that they are going through a trial run to test sales. He says, "it's usually cheaper than the retail price."

$.00 Means Full Price


Any items ending in a ".00" are believed to be low in stock, so the Costco team is trying to get these items off the shelf.

An Asterisk Denotes a Discontinued Item


If you see an asterisk it means that an item has been discontinued and has been priced very low in hopes of selling it quickly. "They just want it gone, so they usually do some bonky deals on these," Quinlan added.

It Will Help You Find "Great Deals," He Says


"Only a few Costco trips later did I realize all the great deals were using the special deal pricing codes and I thought others would love to know since it's helped me find great deals," Quinlan added.

However, It Doesn't Always Mean There It's a Must-Buy Deal


"While I don't think there are exceptions to the pricing codes they use, it doesn't always mean it's a must-buy deal."


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