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Heisman Winner Cries in Mom's Arms After Loss, Says He Just Wants to Go Home to His Dog

He is being praised for his emotional vulnerability.

Even the best athletes in the world have a bad day, and rely on their parents and fur babies for support. Over the weekend Heisman winner, USC Quarterback Caleb Williams made headlines, not because he scored a game-winning touchdown or led his team to victory, but due to the fact that he showed some major emotion after losing a game. 

USC Lost to Washington and QB Caleb Williams Ran to His Mom for Comfort


On Saturday night the USC Trojans lost to Washington, 52 to 42. The quarterback, who won the prized trophy in 2022, ran to his mother in the stands for comfort. 

He Sobbed Behind Her Sign


Williams' family was sitting in the stands and his mother was holding a sign. He sobbed as he held her, hiding behind her sign. 

Later, He Said He Wanted to "Cuddle with My Dog"


"I want to go home and cuddle with my dog and watch some shows," Williams said in a press conference following the emotional moment, leaning down to speak into the microphone.

He Worked Hard and Tried to Play His Best


"I don't know. Like, we lost the game. Something you work hard for throughout months, years to have big games like this, try and go win and play your best, each and every one of us," he continued. 

He Confessed He Was Emotional


"We came out with a loss today, so emotionally, I want to go home and I want to lay with my dog," he added. 

His Bulldog Supa "Brings a Lot More Swag and Energy" to His Life


Williams, whose nickname on the field is Superman, named his bulldog Supa. "He brings a lot more swag and energy to my life," he revealed in an Instagram video for GQ Sports and USC about the pooch. 

He Said That "All He Wants to Do Is Cuddle"


"Any time I see him, it's a great thing to come home to and see something every single day that is going to love you and give you company and all he wants to do is cuddle. 

Williams Is Expected to Be a Top Pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Sep 1, 2022. An American football ball with the National Football League (NFL) logo on green grass field.

Williams is expected to be the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite losing the game he passed for 312 yards and scored three touchdowns.

He Was Praised By Other Athletes

Robert Griffin III/Facebook

"When you pour your all into something and it doesn't go the way you planned, it hurts. Caleb Williams has a bright future and this type of emotion is the realest moment of his career yet," former NFL star Robert Griffin wrote in a post on X.

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His "Emotion Shows How Much This Game Means to Him"

Robert Griffin III/Facebook

"Watching Caleb Williams sobbing with his family after losing the game will BREAK YOUR HEART," he added in another post. "This young man pours his heart out for his team EVERY TIME he plays. Any NFL team would be lucky to have him as their QB and this emotion shows how much this game means to him."

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