William Deliberately Pushed Harry to the Side as "The Spare," Insider Claims

Tina Brown doesn’t think a reconciliation between them will happen for years.

In his tell-all memoir, Spare, Prince Harry details what it was like growing up in the shadow of his brother, William, heir to the throne. According to the younger brother, from the time he was born, he was treated differently than his older brother and made to feel as though he played second fiddle to him.

And, as they got older, he felt more and more like a spare. Now, a new source claims that Harry believes his brother intentionally tried to make him feel less than, and was even "calculated" about it. 

Tina Brown Claims the Brothers Are "Totally Estranged"


Tina Brown discussed the relationship between Harry and William during a recent appearance on LBC. She told Andrew Marr that the brothers are "totally estranged" and that Harry harbors significant resentment against William. 

Harry's "Resentment Against William" Is Building, Brown Claims


According to Brown, the feelings of animosity Harry has toward his brother continue to intensify. "The longer Harry dwells on what happened in his life, the more he feels resentment against William," she said. 

He Feels As Though William Is Responsible for Making Him Feel Like the Spare, Brown Says


And, the more time passes, the more responsible Harry believes William is for making him the spare. "He feels, I think, that William was even more calculated, essentially, in making him the number two, making him the spare, and feel like the spare at all time," Brown continued. 

She Thinks It Will Take "Years" Before They Reconile

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Brown adds that the two aren't talking at all. "So there's no contact between them, I'm told. I think Charles wants to have some kind of rapprochement," she said. "But I think it's going to take years… it never happened between George VI and the Duke of Windsor, it just got worse."

It Will "Get Worse As Time Goes By," According to Brown

Prince William in Berlin, Germany in 2017

And Brown doesn't believe that, over time, the wounds will heal. "Alienations tend to get worse as time goes by, rather than better," she said. 

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