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Unruly Passenger "Voted" Off Frontier Airlines Flight in Crazy Video

Chaos ensued on a Frontier Airlines flight as multiple passengers got kicked off for bad behavior.

A full-blown heated argument took place on a Frontier Airlines flight, and videos show passengers yelling at each other in an intense exchange. As the plane in Trenton, New Jersey, heading to Atlanta, Georgia, sat on the tarmac, a couple fought with a flight attendant over a seat, according to another traveler who captured the screaming match and posted the clips to TikTok. Other passengers got involved, which prompted people to vote on who should get kicked off the plane. 

Woman Starts Screaming at Other Passengers

@lanaisli Im just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #frontier ♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li

In a series of videos posted on the app captioned I'm just trying to get home,  a woman is standing up in her seat and loudly screaming at other passengers. "Mind your business," she yells at another traveler a few rows back. "He hasn't done anything wrong," she screams, referring to her partner.

The man, traveling with the woman yelling at a flight attendant over a seat, was booted off the plane, and his partner eventually was too. Before ground crew members in orange vests escorted him off, he was seen throwing money at the woman shouting back at his partner, and "antagonizing" them.  

The Argument Continues

After the man leaves the plane, his partner gathers her things and yells again at the woman, telling her to "keep minding her business." She also continues to ask, "Why are you so invested in us?" She added, "If anyone needs to get off the plane, it's her. You've been talking to us and antagonizing us the whole time." Another passenger asks the woman to keep it down because he has a small child with him, and she did apologize. 

After non-stop screaming between the couple and the woman a few rows behind them, passengers had enough and told people to "shut up" so they could take off. The argument delayed the flight, and travelers were annoyed. Some people laughed, saying the situation was caused by the "retrograde," while others grew more agitated. 

"This is American Culture"

@lanaisli Im just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #frontier ♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li

In the second video documenting the incident, a man wearing a red t-shirt was so frustrated with people's bad behavior he told everyone to stop. "This is American culture concocted into one airplane. If everybody was really about everybody as a collective whole, everybody would work together. But everyone is against everyone. It's American culture, and that's the problem."

He added, "The lesson is to be quiet." Other passengers started to snicker, and he shot back, "I'm being real, though. If we all worked together, we'd solve things." 

The Vote

@lanaisli Still just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #fyp #frontier ♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li

In the third clip, the man in the red shirt says, "40-50 people here who would like her removed from the flight." He's referring to the passenger arguing with the couple. "If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand," he tells passengers.

He then directly speaks to the woman and says, "Oh, now you're quiet. You can dish it out, but you can't take it?" The woman is asked to leave the flight and swears at the man in red as she's escorted off the plane. 

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Unruly Passenger Threatens to Sue Another Traveler

The passenger who shot the videos has been threatened with a defamation lawsuit from the woman who was kicked off for arguing with a flight attendant over a seat. In the final clip of the incident, the traveler who posted the TikToks wraps up what happened in a video. She explains how the woman stated she didn't give her consent to post her face and is angry that millions of people have seen the videos.

She included screenshots of their conservation, and the woman  replied that since it was in a public space, like an airplane, she didn't need her permission. She also refused to take down the videos. "It's not my fault you were yelling on a plane, got thrown off. Oh well, I'm not taking it down."

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