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Prince Harry to Take Stand in Phone Hacking Case. Here's What to Expect.

The Royal Family is bracing themselves for Prince Harry’s phone hacking testimony

The Royal Family is historically notorious when it comes to privacy. Not only do they have a policy of not responding to most stories about them, but they rarely discuss personal matters at the public level. However, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were leaving behind their jobs as working members of the Royal Family to pursue their own lives and business ventures in Southern California, they were no longer bound by the unspoken rules of the family. And, Harry made it very clear in both his Netflix docuseries and then bombshell tell-all, Spare, that he wasn't afraid to expose any royal secrets. Now, as his phone hacking lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers is about to head to court, insiders claim he isn't going to hold back in his testimony. 

Prince Harry Will Allegedly Take the Stand for Three Days in June


Prince Harry has agreed to appear in court for three days in June, where he will testify in his phone hacking case. According to insiders, his family is very concerned about what he is going to say while on the stand. 

Allegedly, No One in the Family "Is Looking Forward to It"


"I think the family know he could say anything and no one is looking forward to it," a friend of William's tells Daily Beast. "Harry seems to be obsessed by the idea that everyone was in cahoots with the media, so presumably there will be lots more of that."

Harry Is Allegedly Upset About William's $1.15 Million "Secret Agreement"


The publication maintains that William settled out of court with the media group for around $1.15 million. They claim that Harry was offered the same deal, but declined. And he isn't happy about the "secret agreement" William made for a "very large" sum of money. 

The King and Queen Were Allegedly "Deeply Hurt"


A friend of Camilla's tells the publication that while the king and queen were "deeply hurt" by Harry's actions so far and will be even more upset if he lashes out in court, they "absolutely accept he has the right to his day in court like any other private citizen."

It Allegedly "Won't Be Pleasant"


The friend was also asked if Camilla was upset by claims submitted to the court that Mark Bolland, who worked for herself and King Charles, was the source for several stories about Harry's love life. "I'm sure it won't be pleasant, but don't forget, people have said all sorts of horrible things about her over the years and she hasn't snapped yet. Anyone who knows her knows the idea she would have been encouraging Bolland to sell out Harry to the Mirror is just complete rubbish," they say. 

Omid Scoobie Will Allegedly Also Testify

Common Sense/YouTube

The Sussex's biographer Omid Scobie is expected to testify on Harry's behalf that when he was interning at the showbiz desk of MGN Sunday paper The People he, "was given a list of mobile telephone numbers and a verbal description of how to listen to voicemails, as if it were a routine newsgathering technique."

He Will Allegedly Take Aim at Piers Morgan


He will also take aim at Piers Morgan, a journalist who has made his disdain for Harry and Meghan, who he used to be friends with, no secret. Scobie will insinuate that Morgan was "told that the information had come from voicemails,"  when he questioned a story about the singer Kylie Minogue.

Morgan Lashed Out at Prince Harry for "Privacy Invasion"

ITV News

"All I am going to say is I am not going to take lectures on privacy invasion from Prince Harry, somebody who has spent the last three years ruthlessly and cynically invading the royal family's privacy for vast commercial gain. So I suggest he gets out of court and apologizes to his family for the disgraceful invasion of privacy that he's been purporting," Morgan told ITV News this week. "I think Prince Harry should be apologizing for his disgraceful invasion of privacy of the royal family and others, by the way."

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