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Prince Harry and William's Vicious Conflict Rages On, Says Source

Here is the latest drama between the royal brothers.

Prince Harry and Prince William have been at odds for a few years now. Once thick as thieves, the close relationship between the brothers started to disintegrate shortly after Harry hooked up with Suits star Meghan Markle, and shattered completely when Harry and his wife fled the UK and made their Megxit to the United States. While some hoped that the brothers would rekindle their relationship after the Queen died, there has been no such luck. Recently the conflict between the two continues to rage, especially after Harry and Meghan's recent trip to Europe, according to a new report. 

Harry and Meghan's "Dusseldorf Relaunch" Was "Staged," Claims Insider


Insiders maintain that Harry and Meghan's "Dusseldorf relaunch" was a very "staged" and deliberate attempt to get attention and gain points in the war they have waged with Prince William and Princess Kate. 

They Wanted to Blunt the Impact of William's Upcoming UN Trip, Claims Insider


Sources told the Daily Mail that the Susssex's over-the-top performance was to blunt the impact of William's upcoming meetings at the United Nations in New York. 

Friends of Harry's Are Happy He Is "Stuck Into Invictus," Claims Insider


"It has been wonderful to see him getting stuck into Invictus," an old friend of Harry's told The Daily Beast. "This is what Harry is all about."

Harry Has Always Wanted to "Help People, Make a Difference," Claims Insider


"All his old friends are just hoping that whatever the situation with the family may be, at least he can move on with his professional life. This is what he has always wanted to do—help people, make a difference, have an impact. It's great," he continued. 

Charles "Wants the Attacks" to Stop, Claims Insider


One friend of the King's says that the father is happy that Harry is happy, because he is less likely to lash out on the family. "Of course Charles wants the attacks on him and his family to stop," he told The Daily Beast. 

If Harry Has "a Purpose" He Is Less Likely to Attack, Claims Insider

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"If Harry has once again got a purpose in his life that makes him think twice about attacking him, even if it is only because that image is not good for Invictus, that can only be a good thing for everyone."

William Is Less Optimistic, Claims Insider


However, William is less optimistic that Harry's renewed focus on charity will help the royal family and the two are at "war as usual," especially after Harry turned up at St. George's Chapel on the anniversary of the Queen's death.  

William Is Above "Petty Moves" Says a Friend, Claims Insider


But a friend of William's told The Daily Beast that William was above "petty moves" and that he didn't intentionally release a podcast featuring himself and his wife right before Harry's big day. 

William Has More Power Because He Is Heir and Harry Is No Longer a Working Royal, Claims Insider


"The reality is William can click his fingers and organize a fireside chat at Windsor Castle to bring impact to his causes. Harry can't do that stuff anymore, but that's the inevitable consequence of his choice to leave the royal family. William is the heir to the throne and Harry is a just a private individual without that access. That's what he wanted," the friend says. 

William Didn't Mention Invictus in a Speech Because It Would Be a "Huge Distraction," Claims Insider


As to why William didn't support Invictus in one of his latest speeches? "It would be a huge distraction if William were to start sending messages of support to Invictus. Of course he supports wounded veterans, but I don't think anyone seriously thinks it would be a good idea for him to start sending telegrams to the competitors," a source says. 

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