Pregnant Woman Catches 2-Year-Old Boy Falling From Second-Story Window While Walking Her Dog

Brave woman saved toddler's life.

A 2-year-old boy is safe and sound thanks to a good neighbor who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Kyrie Jones, 35, was walking her dog in her Des Moines, Iowa neighborhood when she noticed the boy dangling over the second-story window.

After trying to alert his family without success, she called the police and stood under the balcony anticipating a fall. Jones, who is 33 weeks pregnant, caught him before he plummeted to the cement, saving the toddler's life. 

The Boy Was "Throwing Things Out the Window"


As Jones took her dog for a walk, she noticed the 2-year-old was over the edge of a two-story window. The screen had been removed, and "I noticed the little boy was bending over the edge of the window, and he was throwing things out the window," she told CBS affiliate KCCI

Jones Tried to Notify the Boy's Family


Jones, who lives next door, ran to the boy's house, knocked, and banged on the door. The toddler's mother never answered the door, so she called the police. She then ran back to the window and stood there to keep an eye on the dangerous situation. 

"The Baby Was Holding Onto the Ledge"


Fighting back tears, Jones explained what she saw once she ran back to the window. "The baby was holding onto the ledge. He was hanging." She continued as she sobbed, "I stood right underneath him just in case."

Jones Screamed for Help


As Jones stood under the window, she screamed for help. "Help! Hey, your baby is hanging" because the window was open. I was hoping someone might hear me." But nobody did. There was still no response from the boy's family. 

The Toddler Fell


Jones knew the boy wasn't going to be able to hold on to the ledge until the police arrived, so she stood underneath him. As he lost his grip and crashed down, Jones caught him and saved his life. "He kind of hit my belly a little bit. I think the adrenaline kicked in, and I didn't feel anything," said Jones.

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Police Referred the Case to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services


Police arrived shortly after the boy fell, and his mother eventually came to the front door. Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesperson for the Des Moines Police Department, said in an email to the Washington Post that the boy's mother had left him unsupervised for a "short period" while she was elsewhere in the townhouse.

Police have not charged the mother with any crime, though they referred the case to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, Parizek said.

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