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The Royal Family Reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Bombshells: "Very Wearying" but "Unflustered," Insider Claims 

Insiders reveal how the palace is taking the looming release of "Harry & Meghan"

This week, the second promo for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's highly anticipated Netflix docuseries dropped, offering the world a sneak peek at the drama to expect when the first three episodes hit the streaming service on Thursday. In the short, 60-second trailer, there are hinted allegations of racism, mistreatment, and abuse from both the media and The Firm, with Meghan stating that the Royal Family failed to protect her and Harry predicting that history would have repeated itself if he had not taken action.

As the premiere of the first three episodes looms, many people are wondering what is going through the minds of the rest of the Royal Family, including Harry's father, King Charles and brother, Prince William. Read on to find out how the family is handling the situation.

The Family Is Going About Business as Usual, Sources Claim

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According to Royal sources, the family is trying to go about their business as if the Netflix series does not exist. The King, Queen Consort, Prince William, and Kate Middleton will continue attending planned engagements, including community visits and the white-tie Diplomatic Reception.

They Will Reportedly Attend "Engagements in the Diary"


"The Royal family will be going about their business as usual. There are engagements in the diary and they will carry on with them," a source told The Telegraph. "That's their only focus."

The Family Feels "Weariness," According to Insiders


Overall, the King and his family's attitude toward the project and interviews featured in it have been described as "weariness." While some of the family members, including Princess Eugenie, are on good terms with the Sussexes, The Telegraph claims that none of the royals will be interviewed in the docuseries. 

The Palace Is Hoping Not to "Engage" About Allegations, Sources Claim

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Despite the bombshells that Harry and Meghan are dropping in the show, which include allegations of race rows and mistreatment, Royal sources describe them as "very wearying," but maintain that the palace is hoping not to have to "engage" in terms of the claims.  

They Allegedly Believe There Is Nothing Left to Say


Sources inside the palace maintain that there is a feeling of "weary resignation," about the project. "It's the law of diminishing returns," one told the publication. "What more is there possibly left to say?"

It Will be "Oprah with More Crying," a Source Says

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Another believes it will be "Oprah Plus. Oprah with more crying," mentioning the couple's infamous interview with the media giant. "They're going to go over a lot of the same points," they said. "It will feel more dramatic and they'll have to up the ante but in terms of narrative points, there can't be anything left. If she [Meghan] has saved anything from the Oprah interview, I can't imagine what it is." A third points out that "everyone would prefer it didn't exist." Another insider adds: "For a couple who moved to America in search of privacy, they do seem rather in the spotlight."

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The Couple Will Allegedly Unveil the Alleged "Invisible Contract" The Firm Has with the Media


A source involved in the editing process tells The Telegraph that the docuseries will make allegations that the palace is in cahoots with the media as part of an "invisible contract." But a source says, "Was the coverage that bad? No, it was glowing. Meghan had great press, until real things happened: staff started leaving, her father started waging war. There might have been a bit of sexist woman-vs-woman stuff, but what is the Princess [of Wales] meant to do about that?"

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