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Royal Family May Be Forced to Violate This Iron Rule Due to This "Distasteful" Thing, Expert Claims

The royals may have to respond. 

The Royal Family are expected to abide by a long list of rules. For example, there are restrictions about what they can and cannot wear – including nail polish colors. And, when it comes to receiving gifts, there are explicit guidelines prohibiting them from being gifted clothing or jewelry.

But some of the most important ones have to do with maintaining privacy, especially when it comes to the media. It is almost unheard of for a royal to comment on any news stories, even those considered disparaging or untrue. However, according to a royal expert, The Firm is seriously considering breaking this rule in the near future. 

The Royals May Be Forced to Comment on The Crown


According to Rebecca English, The Daily Mail's Royal Editor, the fifth season of Netflix's popular TV show The Crown is so explosive and controversial that the palace may have to break their "never complain, never explain" tradition of refraining from commenting on hearsay. The editor claims to have seen all 10 episodes of the "pretty distasteful" show and was "shocked" by how it portrayed the family. 


They Will Wait and See What the Backlash Is Like


During Palace Confidential, she predicted that the royals would wait until the show is released by Netflix on November 9 and assess how the public responds to it before they consider "fueling the flames" and releasing a statement. 

They Might Be "Pushed to Say Something"

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"I think they want to see it for themselves," English told the show's host Jo Elvin. However, she believes that the contents will drive them to make a statement. "I think it might be one of those occasions where they're pushed to say something."

Diana's Panorama Interview Is Featured


English also confirms that Princess Diana's infamous interview with Panorama's Martin Bashir is the subject of not one but two episodes – despite Prince William's pleas for media outlets to avoid airing the "unethical" interview of his mother ever again. According to reports, a four-minute and 23-second segment of the interview is featured on the show. 

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As Is an Infamous Conversation Between King Charles and Queen Camilla


English adds that there are scenes that see Diana skidding in her car and thinking that "maybe her breaks have failed," she said. "It's very, very, very close to the bone." She added that an infamous call between King Charles and Queen Camilla is also depicted. "They don't just touch on it, they replicate everything in those tapes word for word in a really kind of lavicious way," she says. 

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