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The Real Reason Why Prince Willam Will Never Watch Harry and Meghan's Netflix Show, Sources Claim

King Charles and Queen Camilla will also pass on the explosive series.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were working on a docuseries with Netflix, promising to tell their side of the story, much of the world has been waiting to hear what bombshells they would drop. While millions of people tuned in to stream the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan after they aired last week, there was one person who refused to watch the show: Prince William. According to sources, Harry's only sibling hasn't, nor will, stream the show, and this is why.

Prince William "Will Never Watch" Harry & Meghan, Sources Agree


According to multiple people close to Prince William, he has no interest in hearing what his brother and sister-in-law have to say. "He says he will never watch it, and I know he definitely won't," they told The Times. Added another source said this is "correct."

Nor Will King Charles or Queen Camilla: Reports


A third source adds that King Charles and Queen Camilla will also pass on the explosive series. However, the entire family is well aware of the allegations made in the episodes, as they can't avoid the headlines. 

Sources Close to Family Claim the Narrative Is Totally False


The main reason the family refuses to watch the series is that the narrative is far from accurate. In the first episodes and trailers for the new ones, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle place themselves as victims of the Royal Family and its culture. Courtiers who worked alongside them say this was far from the case. 

"A Total Lie"


For example, Meghan claims that nobody told her what to do, how to dress, or taught her how to curtsy. It's "a total lie," said a well-placed royal source. "There was prep for everything, walkabouts — even though she was engaged to someone who'd done hundreds of them — clothes, everything. The level of support was intense."

The "Elf" Was Helping the Sussexes, Insiders Say

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According to the source, Harry's former secretary  Ed Lane Fox, known as "Elf," prepped Meghan for six months before their May 2018 wedding. He gave her a 30-point dossier, with everything from contacts to fashion, the constitution, and more, and offered her expert resources to help her. "It was huge, the amount of work Elf put into getting her access to anyone, and he gave her books on the stuff," the source said.

However, Meghan took up just two meetings with the suggested experts, one with Sir Christopher Geidt [now Lord Geidt], who was the late Queen's private secretary, and another with a "very well-connected, trusted fashion person" for fashion advice. 

Meghan Could Have Learned the National Anthem Herself, Sources Claim


In the documentary, Meghan also claims that nobody helped her learn the national anthem and that she had to Google it herself. However, a royal source points out that it wasn't printed out for her because "you can't file transfer the national anthem to someone's brain."

Nobody Told Meghan Who She Couldn't Invite to Her Wedding, Insiders Say


In the documentary, Meghan claims that Kensington Palace aides persuaded her not to invite her niece, Ashleigh Hale, to the wedding. Meghan claimed that her "very small comms team" gave the advice because "they just couldn't wrap their head around it . . . how do we explain that this half-sister isn't invited to the wedding, but that the half-sister's daughter is? And so, with Ashleigh, the guidance at the time was to not have her come to our wedding . . . I called her and . . . and we talked her through what guidance we were being given and why this assessment was made and . . . that's painful," she said. Ashleigh also claims that she was "hurt" by the decision, adding that "communication with Meg became less and less frequent," and she believed that Meghan's relationships were being "managed on some level" by the family.

However, sources maintain that this wasn't the case. "That just didn't happen," a source said. "We never gave any advice, steer or guidance on who of her family or friends should or shouldn't come to her wedding. I have a very clear memory of her [Meghan] saying that she had a niece who she would in other circumstances have liked to invite, but she didn't want to invite her because it would have put her under intense scrutiny. It was not a question she put to us. We would never tell her not to invite her own niece to the wedding and we would never get involved in any management of personal relationships."

Another royal source added: "Harry had concerns that Meghan had no family at the wedding which would look weird. Meghan didn't want the media to know about Ashleigh. No one on earth would have said don't invite family to the wedding. That's a complete and utter lie. We wanted more family there to make it look less weird for her."

Meghan Scripted the BBC Engagement Interview, Sources Claim


In the docuseries, Meghan also claims that her engagement interview with BBC presenter Mishal Husain was an "orchestrated reality show" where "we weren't allowed to tell our story." However, according to sources, this wasn't the case. "Every word of that interview was what they wanted to say. She controlled every micro-detail of how their engagement publicly went."

"Wounding" Accusations Against Kate and William


One of the most hurtful and most "wounding" claims of the entire interview was Harry's insinuation that his brother William married Kate Middleton because she "fits the mold" instead of for love. "I think for so many people in the family, especially the men, there can be a temptation or an urge to marry someone who would fit the mold as opposed to somebody who perhaps you are destined to be with. The difference between making decisions with your head or heart," Harry said. "That was so cheeky, that's a love match if ever there was one. Catherine doesn't even fit the mold — she's not an earl's daughter or blue-blooded. The sadness is Harry was so close to Catherine," an old friend close to both Harry and William said. 

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King Charles Believes Harry Will "Regret" the Documentary, Source Claim

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Another source who was with the King last week, claims that Charles said to him: "It is so awful. What on earth are they doing? I want to say to them: 'Think of your futures. Think of how you may regret this in years to come.'" And, while friends want to stand up for William, he told them to stand down. "William does not want us fuelling the conflict, he's been very clear on that. He's keen to have as much of a normal week as possible." Another friend has given him sage advice: "I reminded him to keep his rifle pointed at the target and not to be distracted, even though it's all tedious in every sense of the word."

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