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Prince Harry Should Have Tried to Stop This Netflix Show, Expert Claims

He had the perfect opportunity to stop the show. 

The Crown has always been a touchy subject with the Royal Family. After all, the hit Netflix TV series is a dramatization of Queen Elizabeth's life, from the 1940s up until modern times, and tends to focus on some of the biggest scandals ever to rock the Royal Family. However, this season is particularly concerning for the family, as it delves deep into the love triangle between Princess Diana, King Charles, and Queen Consort Camilla and the infamous aftermath. According to a new report, one expert encouraged Prince Harry to try and stop the streaming service from continuing to film. 

Harry Allegedly Asked Angela Levin If She Had Seen the Crown


According to biographer Angela Levin, she discussed The Crown with Prince Harry after the release of the second season. She rehashed their conversation to The Sun. As an icebreaker, Harry asked her: "Have you seen The Crown?"

He Allegedly Said He Wanted to Have It Stopped Before He Was On It


When she told him she hadn't, he responded: "You've got to. But I'm going to insist that it stops because I don't want to be on it." Now, years later, the show is catching up to Harry, with this season recreating his mother's tragic death. 

She Allegedly Urged Him to Take Action

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Angela says she urged Harry to "do something" about how his mother is portrayed, especially now that he has his deal with Netflix and has pull with them. "If he has a guilty conscience he could do something about it – of course he could," she said. 

"Harry Should Walk Away"

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"They could give them their money back and walk away. But he doesn't want to," she responded. "How you can give your money to someone who's doing that is too shocking. You can't stand there and expect people to respect you when Netflix is exposing your mother and not walk away. He'd be a hero if he walked away. Harry should walk away."

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The Show Depicts the Moments Leading Up to Princess Diana's Death


The scenes of this season depict Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, in the limo prior to the crash that took her life. Some individuals have declared the network to be "sadistic and wicked" for reenacting the tragic scene. However, many of the actors on the show have come to its defense. 

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